Month: June 2013

wedding gowns: retro classic for 2014

I adore fashion, modern or not and I think what I love most is the fact, a designer occasionally takes a risk in introducing style  so old-fashioned in the midst of 21st century modernism.   Sorry if I have confused you, but the fact, these gorgeous retro classic wedding gowns, from here,  are available for a bride in 2014 is more than amazing in my book, its daring and down right admirable:  

birthday thoughts

Never in hundred years I would have ever considered spending my birthday in Las Vegas. I am more of a Napa kind of girl for a birthday celebration. But I am here (on business) so I will make the best of the day, I consider my very own special day (like millions of other people). I don’t know why, but I always wake up very early on this day, somewhat anxiety stricken. Not sure if it’s because I am a year older or just concerned with the fact, I haven’t yet reached the goals I had set for myself. Either way, I am almost positive it is a natural behavior for any woman over the age 25. Here is the list of thing I remind myself each year: 1. Not to think about the age, because it’s just a number. 2. Not to feel bad about the things I haven’t yet accomplished, focus on what I have. 3. Embrace the future by drawing from the past to strive for a more positive lifestyle. 4. Never …

mini vacation: vegas bound

I was so busy running around this past weekend, I forgot to blog and this morning, being Monday, I flew to Las Vegas to spend a couple of days celebrating my birthday and enjoying the company of a few extended family members. So, hang tight and stay tuned, I will bring you my version of Vegas shortly :).  After of course, I’ve had a chance to check in, refresh and venture out of my hotel.    

boutique hotel pick – grand hotel plaza – roma, italy

While traveling through Rome, I spend some of the time, walking in and out of hotels, just to get a sense of what they are all about. This was the case for The Grand Hotel Plaza located so perfectly on Via Del Corso, sandwiched between the  designer boutiques along the boulevard. I walked in and just from the beautiful lobby, decided this would be, where I’d stay the next time I visit Rome – which of course is coming up in September. But in the meantime, enjoy the photographs I borrowed from here and click here for everything else you need to know about Rome.

actors: then and now in relation to the woman over 40

Every year around my birthday, I somehow end up looking at photographs of myself and wonder if I’ve aged for the better or not?  If that makes sense to anyone else. This year I decided instead of worrying about how I’ve aged or aging, to shift my attention to some of Hollywood’s iconic celebs who are now in their 40s. Let me know what you think – Have they aged for the better or worse?

vacation planning in full swing

Okay, one week into the foggy “almost” summer in San Francisco and I am ready to plan my annual trip to Europe.  Well, mostly Italy and France, of course. I’ve been everywhere else and since want to just be in Italy and France. 🙂 This year, as usual we are taking our two weeks early September to explore parts of Italy and France, I haven’t been to in a while and some I frequent every year. Paris and Rome. As I plan my rail travel route and schedule, I have to say, I am over the moon about the trip and feel the first week of September is ions away.  Stay tuned on this one, I cannot wait to share.  In the meantime, have a great weekend and if you feel like it, drop me a line, about your travel plans this year or just your recommends and favorite places in Italy and France.