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Friday Interesting Finds

Sharing contents on a blog has become quite challenging these days in terms of seeing an interesting topic somewhere else and wanting to share in the joy here without copyright infringement nightmares. So I’ve been debating on shifting gears here at RS&S to bring to you the rawest of materials…but then I think. Don’t we have enough of that already? I mean the world is a different place since the pandemic and even the slightest difference in opinion is no longer tolerated the way it was once. So I keep treading gently here and there and so the topics of discussion are now far and too few. I do have to tell you though. I had a boss once, who being a decade+ older than me often chuckled at my way of thinking or being…he said I reminded him of how he was at one point in his life. He also told me I’d grow out of it. From social media contents he posts, I realize he has never grown out of his ways or …

Travel: In The Know

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching many films on location, mostly in Europe to get my fix. Besides that, I do wonder when this country is going to take all of this seriously and do their part to, at the very least, flat time this pandemic. For the rest of the world, or places where you’ve played safe enough to be allowed to travel, you might find these topics a good read: Have you considered travelling this summer? What form of travel have you done? Would you stay in hotels or Airbnb? {featured image source and full credit}

Boutique Hotel Pick – Carneros Resort and Spa – Napa, Califronia

Although Napa is only an hour away from San Francisco, I cannot help but plan a weekend or weekday getaway to this newly renovated spot – Carneros Resort and Spa – in the heart of Napa Valley with my best companion at my side – fourteen year old Yorkie. {photo credit}

For The Love of Dogs, or Calling All Dog Lovers

I love my dog to pieces like most dog-owners do. I consider him or rather he considers himself human, participating in our conversations, and dinner preps, and even expressions while watching  a television program. He is the best at everything he does. My favorite when he snuggles against me the early morning hours, or while I sit up in bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings, typing away at my novels.  You get my point. This man, took his love of his dog to a whole new level only the photographs below can explain 🙂 and then some:  

day 8 to 12 – travel journal – french riviera et all

The most amazing thing about Europe is the fact, everything is connected by train, so there is no need to stress about driving nor flying. One can simply book a point to point ticket or by a Railpass (Outside of Europe Residance only) and arrange to get from any number of destinations within Europe. The beauty of having a Railpass is that the passholder can travel on the TER train – which connects all the beach town along the French Riviera by an intrecit timetable and train schedule.  So, basically in the morning you could be in Cannes and within half an hour to an hour you could be in Antinbes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Menton (depending on the stops the train makes). So, of course we did just that, hopped on the TER everyday and ended up in different parts of the French Riviera. Our stops, on this trip were to St. Tropez, Antibes, Monte Carlo (for the hubby man), VillaFranche Sur Mer and Nice.  Now, although every town is almost the same in that …

day 7 – travel journal – french riviera – cannes

I love this part of our trips to Europe, the stop in the French Riviera. We took the slow train from Genoa (not intentionally) that was how RailEurope site booked it for me when I did my point to point reservation and within four hours pulled into the Cannes train station. I gladly jumped off the cart and walked to our hotel, which is always across the street from the train station. I prefer it that way. We wasted no time in freshening up and running to the promenade to walk along the shore before heading into old Cannes to have dinner. Cannes is an amazing place to stay, it has everything you need and not as chaotic as Nice is during the busy Summer season.  You can spend the mornings, shopping, then in the afternoon sunbathing at a number of public beaches and then get dressed up and go to dinner at any number of indoor/outdoor restaurants along the promenade, followed by a walk along the shore.  It’s definitely designed for the over forty …

2010 in a nutshell and happy new years

With a blink of an eye, 2010 comes to an end. This year was the most eventful for me because I celebrated a milestone birthday, lost a job, sold a house, lost a family member, rekindled relations with extended family as well  as travelled to some interesting destinations and some not so interesting. I admit I experienced too much and from it learned alot in the course of  365 days. One thing I must say, thanks to maturity and an unexplainable sense of self-control (which I think is associated with maturity),  I was able to cope with the “personal” events which unfolded during  the course of the year  and in a way survived the outcome(s) with minimal damage to my mental health 🙂 . As I result of 2010,  I have decided to pass up on making New Years  resolutions altogether so that I am not too disappointed in myself, should I not be able to uphold the commitment.  Instead,  I have set some flexible goals for myself, which I am going to do everything …

dog heaven in france and a few cats

I know I keep writing about my trip to France but there are so many elements of it that I just can’t let go of or want to forget, so I jot them down as they come to mind  in order to reflect and because telling friends and family about your travels can sometimes get boring, it’s best to write them down instead for those who care enough to read and enjoy. I think the hardest part of going on vacation is leaving your pet behind, in my case it is a dog. First the guilt trip, then the tears and then when you are on vacation, you can’t help wonder how your pet is doing, day in and day out. With that said, I have to say that while  in Paris we did not see too many dogs outdoors because of the downpour I suppose but when we got to the French Riviera, there was a dog on a leash on every corner in every town. The worst of it was that they were …