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Friday Interesting Finds

Sharing contents on a blog has become quite challenging these days in terms of seeing an interesting topic somewhere else and wanting to share in the joy here without copyright infringement nightmares.

So I’ve been debating on shifting gears here at RS&S to bring to you the rawest of materials…but then I think. Don’t we have enough of that already? I mean the world is a different place since the pandemic and even the slightest difference in opinion is no longer tolerated the way it was once. So I keep treading gently here and there and so the topics of discussion are now far and too few.

I do have to tell you though. I had a boss once, who being a decade+ older than me often chuckled at my way of thinking or being…he said I reminded him of how he was at one point in his life. He also told me I’d grow out of it. From social media contents he posts, I realize he has never grown out of his ways or his thinking. So I do wonder, were we really alike? The way he thought we were…

Anyway, here we go. To lighten the mood I am sharing some of the funny and interesting things I’ve found recently-minding copyrights and opinions :).

Do you agree that toaster ovens do it better? here

Williams-Sonoma best of toaster ovens here

Every year I buy one or two Christmas tree decors right about now, and although inventory is low in most stores due to manufacturing delays and so forth-I’ve been told, I found my first piece to add to my collection

Somethin’ about this truck reminded me of my childhood…

buying guide here

I was searching for French Riviera photo stock for this article and this little guy showed up as a suggestion. So although I am currently missing Beaulieu-sur-Mer along the French Riviera, I am fine having a French bulldog be the poster pic.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

What are you doing this weekend? I’m chasing the changing leaves somewhere up north-ish. I’ll let you know if I find them.

Photo by Artem Saranin on

And to leave you with my recent favorite recipe, I must ask that you click your way here. It’s about a cupcake, with a caramel Brûlée Frosting

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