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What Were We Expecting From The Crown – Season 3

Although I followed loosely the making of Crown 3, mostly who will play what role, and the era the season would cover, I had no idea what to expect. The element of some surprise is very important to me in films. And so I was, completely intrigued by the ‘Hollywood style”of story telling about the events which shaped the monarchy throughout the 1960’s.  Thus far watching episodes 1-4. The true story behind Princess Margaret’s visit with the American President Johnson – covered in episode two   Princess Alice, Philip’s mother – who was misunderstood and perhaps a historic figure worth learning about – covered in episode four In episode two and three – cover up of Prince Philip’s connection to a affair and the fallout from it all had me doing research and connecting the dots – sort of in the approach the filmmakers took to make Season 3 relatable to stories we are all currently following or not of the royal family’s lifestyle. Churchill’s funeral played a significant part in episode one – and the …

Holiday Series: Reindeer Experience and One Amazing Gift

When I saw the featured photograph on T&C front page a few days ago, I smiled, thinking how fortunate Camilla Parker Bowles was to have the chance to see up close – a couple of reindeer. And just as those thoughts crossed my mind again last night, while attending a tree-lighting ceremony, I overheard someone speak of reindeer near by. So I followed them, around the holiday set up of ice rink, and hot chocolate and cider kiosks – to the back – on a patch of grass, where to my surprise I saw a couple of real-life reindeer. Thor and Elsa – who were peacefully nibbling at their dinner…and just for a few moments, I felt a wonderful peacefulness, and the happiest of feelings… Here’s what I am proposing this holiday season: If you happen to have a sturdy winter’s coat in your closet which you plan on donating at some point, or maybe storing in a box up in the attic or down in the basement for no particular reason, then consider going …

Sundays Are For Playing Catch Up

American football season is in full swing and while some folks gather around the television set to watch a game or two or three, the rest of the folks aim to catch up on chores, planning outfits for the week, paying bills and even finishing up homework. But if you are the lucky few without a care in the world on this Sunday, then play catch up right here:

Travel: San Francisco Coffee Shops Worth an Uber Ride from Union Square

I couldn’t stop at just “San Francisco Coffee shops” when I was thinking about the title of this post 🙂 Becaaaauuuusseee….San Francisco, Uber, Union Square and coffee are a package deal – in terms of the order of things to do for tourists while visiting this fine city, I call home.  (Mouthful I know) Anyway, if you are coming to town, or simply commuting in fron the Bay Area for some fun or shopping or a museum visit or just to get a glimpse of the ocean in October, then I suggest your first stop to be  one of these fine coffee shops that I have tested and love:    

In the Meantime – Here’s a Few Things I’ve Shared

While I regroup or find a new rhythm in my hectic life these days, I decided to share some of this and that I’ve posted on RS&S as well as my other site: Travel: `1. Paris Past the Eiffel Tower, 2. All About Asia,  3. Past the High Season,  4.Travel Need to Know    Food: Chicken Ramen, 2. Chicken Tortilla Soup, 3. Wild Mushroom Pasta, 4. Sweet Potato-Yogurt-Baked Beans From My Author Page: About That Movie… I offer up my two-cents worth about films, the making of, and what to see and not.