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Holiday Series: Reindeer Experience and One Amazing Gift

When I saw the featured photograph on T&C front page a few days ago, I smiled, thinking how fortunate Camilla Parker Bowles was to have the chance to see up close – a couple of reindeer. And just as those thoughts crossed my mind again last night, while attending a tree-lighting ceremony, I overheard someone speak of reindeer near by. So I followed them, around the holiday set up of ice rink, and hot chocolate and cider kiosks – to the back – on a patch of grass, where to my surprise I saw a couple of real-life reindeer. Thor and Elsa – who were peacefully nibbling at their dinner…and just for a few moments, I felt a wonderful peacefulness, and the happiest of feelings…

Here’s what I am proposing this holiday season: If you happen to have a sturdy winter’s coat in your closet which you plan on donating at some point, or maybe storing in a box up in the attic or down in the basement for no particular reason, then consider going to the nearest homeless shelter and donating that coat or a blanket, a hat, a scarf, a pair of boots. Anything to help the needy survive the brutal winter days ahead.

Or find a worthy around the world charity organization from this list and challenge your clan to participate in a family donation, and just maybe, we can all help make this angry world a kinder place.

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