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Health and Beauty: Just Talks Of Hair

I’ve gone out-of-town  – across the pond – to hibernate for the holidays, and while on some sort of zen, I have decided not to make-up, nor do my hair and pretty much have been spending my days thinking, writing, doing more thinking and reading, but I hate to admit – I’m still VPN working at nights, California time. I realize since I’ve been here, that I miss my otherwise naturally curly long hair from when I was in my thirties. And just when I was about to search for the best of products to perhaps bring back my curls, this popped up. And you know when something I’m thinking about streams online, it is a hint that I need to discuss it here.

Since I am to shy to selfie – this is the extend of my curly hair – and if I color it this shade of reddish brown – I wonder if it would revive to this grade of beautifullness

Love the idea this easy updo works for women of any age – believe it or not – this style does wonders to a woman’s ego

bad hair day you say – consider a few spritz of dry shampoo and a few minutes blow dry and this style will have you out of the door in a jiffy for that traditional Christmas shopping or cocktails with friends, I mean really, you decide

I am not a fan of short hair for me – but just in case I am aching for a total change. – this may be a style I’d consider

I lied – this would be the shortest I’d ever go, and for sure would do away with straightening my hair.

For all other options – go here

For a list of the best hair care products – go here

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