Month: January 2016

Decor: All About Lighting

I don’t know about you, but lighting up a room is probably one of the most important things next to decor theme.  It sets the mood, adds focal point to different parts of the room, and allows us to see.  And I have to admit I have struggled with proper placement of lighting in my lifetime. So, since I am in the midst of redecorating our studio apartment, I am taking into consideration lighting from here: For kitchen lighting try these suggestions: What mistakes we all make when lighting up a room:

Travel: All About Italy

I have settled on a trip to Italy late September, early October this year, as my annual destination in Europe. And, although I have been to the country every year for the past decade or so, I cannot get enough of it. Alternating cities every year or not, making the trip always memorable. So here is what I am thinking:  Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, Sorrento, Positano, Capri with a few Tuscan cities in between.  I haven’t done this combination nor been to the southern Italy for a while, so I am excited. Of course research is always fun, and I have found some interesting articles to keep the momentum, and set the mood. {featured  image credit }

Food: A Thing Or Two To Consider

I stumbled upon this article just a day ago, and it got me thinking that this list of 57 Small Things To Do For Yourself is one I pretty much follow with the exception of: 8. Invite a completely new person over for dinner—a new coworker, your neighbor—and share your favorite dish with them 23. Learn to master your favorite cocktail. 27. Get to know the farmers at your farmers market, and let them dictate your menu once in a while. 30. Invite a friend over to teach you how to make their favorite recipe. 47. Make your favorite condiments at home. 49. Turn your favorite ice pop into a cocktail. So, it’s time to up the challenge, and consider the short list of things I haven’t yet done. What are some of things from the list you haven’t done? Do Share.

Trend: Why Pink In 2016?

I don’t adapt to what’s trending. I create my own, and what I believe makes me feel alive. This year, it happens to be pink. Just so you understand, in 2010 I started this game, RED being the color that year, I decided to paint my bathroom walls a deep red, took a photo of myself with a red backdrop, bought tops and lipstick in shades of red, and even utensils and coffee mugs, and my dog’s water bowl, all red. Then in 2012 I switched to green, juniper, moss, seaweed or sage, incorporating the color into my bookshelf accessories. Wardrobe of course, work coffee mug, adding indoor plants to my living spaces.  Until I fell in love with shades of yellow, daffodils, Tuscan sun, and honey, buying a bouquet of flowers in those colors was all I did with yellows. Shades of blue for 2014, arctic or sapphire, changing my bedding to the calming colors was the best thing I did that year. And now, in 2016 pink is in-at least for me. Let’s …

Travel: In Search of the Northern Lights

I have a bucket list I feel I may not be able to complete by the time I am 75 or 80. Which, in my mind, is the limit to pushing the limits. Unless of course, I create a more ‘mature’ bucket list for 75 and beyond –  first thing to add to that list is dancing on the Seine River Bank from Jun-Aug every year (I laugh picturing myself doing that in my old age). Until then, one of the items I have on the bucket list is to see the Northern Lights– maybe from a plane, if that is even possible, and hopefully from the ground which is most doable. I just need to hunker down and plan that trip. Check out this video. {photo credit}  

Travel: Flora and Fauna

Thankfully, it’s been raining, in San Francisco. Finally everything is turning green and lush, and coming back to life. I can’t wait for spring this year, as the flowers will bloom perfectly, and the parks will be  pure delight to walk through. But all of this got me thinking about flora and fauna and so the search began online for the most interesting finds a about this topic:

I Don’t Just Promote My Novel…

There are so many books out there I want to read, and for 2016, I have added my favorites (below) which I plan to read while travelling. Because the rest of the time, or in between travels,  I am going to be  releasing  (mid-Spring) and promoting  novel 3  and completing the first draft for novel 4 by year-end. The list of 2016 books to watch for written by women authors according to Bazaar Magazine is here. And my picks are as follows: This is of course in addition to my own novel here.