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buying what i don’t need but want

Occasionally, I splurge on things, even though I tell myself to stay true to simple living. I can’t help it, I am a woman after all and the need to shop, eat chocolate, pamper my self as well as appreciation the finer things in life is part of my make up. So,  I put splurge happily and very carefully. This month, being my favorite, I have decided to shop and perhaps splurge on:  

creative gala gowns for the red carpet

Since I follow the red carpet fashion trends, I have noticed most celebrities have conformed to a uniform look just so they could pass the fashion police critique.  While that is acceptable, it seems they have compromised a sliver of their bold and daring creative side, at least in my opinion. I hope this year is a little different and we can actually see a little bit of daring and unique fashion like the ones I have picked out below.