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Travel: Where To Go In May

I am taking next week off from work. A much-needed break, I’ve avoided for four years. Meaning, even while on vacation over the past four years, I tend to check my work emails and respond and or get asked for guidance on various matters from the team – thinking that nothing can get done with me. Well, I am here to say that even if nothing can get done without me at work, my brain needs some time away from the norm –  to play tourist, even if it’s just in my town, or a few towns over, I am going to make a point to experience things I have not-yet and things I haven’t for over a decade or more… so stay tuned for some interesting hopefully interesting travel topics. On another travel note – May is my favorite travel time of the year – and I love the idea of this list offering up places I haven’t been yet and are longing to explore, just not this May: {featured image source}

Travel: Planning Stages Have Begun

This morning alone I noticed so many of my friends, and those in the same blogging world have planned a trip to Paris – a girls getaway is the theme of their travel. Which got me in the mood to begin my planning. I am aiming for late May-early June this year and hope I can manage a three-week getaway mostly because of logistics. Dog-sitting, care for an ailing mother, and so on. You know the drill. So, here is what’s trending in the midst of what I am considering for my getaway:

Boutique Hotel Picks: All of Europe

I went with a list of boutique hotel picks this time around – because as you plan your over the holidays trip to my favorite continent – you may want to consider one of these wonderful hotel options. Also I am intending to distract you from all the Thanksgiving worries (for the U.S. crowd) and the rest of the world, just start the planning 🙂 Here are my favorites:      

Travel: If Architecture Is Your Thing

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I spend a lot of time looking up, to all the structures making up a city, a town, or a village. So naturally this article about 20 best cities for architectural lovers stuck the perfect cord on this chilly Sunday morning while I sip on green tea and scroll the madness of the internet. And for your viewing pleasure I am going to simply list the least expected destinations or beg forgiveness for my ignorance just in case the places I list are more well know than I assumed:      

Travel: Boutique Hotels Around The World With Views

I love spending time in my hotel room while travelling, so it is very important for me to book one that offers some views – of  the city or water, or mountains. Huge windows, and even a balcony if I can pull it off. My favorite of all hotels so far has been the Westminster in Nice, in an Ocean view room. Just in case you feel the same way as I do, here’s a list of 13 hotels with fascinating views:

Travel: European Cities To Add To Your Travel Plans

I just got back from my annual trip to Europe in May, and I am already thinking about planning the next one. This year, my travel partner and I decided to change it up a bit, adding a few new destinations, seeking some adventure.  We opted for Lisbon, Porto, Edinburgh, back to Madrid, then through the norm, the French Rivera, and ending up in Paris. And I have to say it was the best decision we made. Based on the article here, I would like to say that I have to agree with Porto, Salzburg, Seville, Edinburgh, Bruges, Verona being underrated destinations, but most definitely places worth seeing and exploring. As for the rest of the places on the list, I need to add to my list of places to see. The problem is, I have to wait until 2016.