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Travel: Destinations in Film

I’ve seen different folks going in and out of the neighbor’s house across the street for the past month or so. And right away I realized they are Airbnb-ing (hosting) their property. It’s not that I am stalking, but while parking my car, or doing landscape maintenance, I see different folks in and out, taxis and Ubers pulling up. A call is made in the driveway and definitely a code is shared and next thing you know, the garage door opens and these different individuals, men mostly, go inside. Days later a maid service comes in to clean up and then the family of 6 return home. Which gets me thinking, where do they go for those days while a stranger is in their home?

I mean the children are of school age, all under ten going to a physical school instead of online? How does this family juggle such a lifestyle? So I decided to do a search on Airbnb and discovered there are countless homes around my block alone that host vacationers or those passing through…

What the heck am I missing? Because these places are being offered at 89.00 USD a night. Not such a profitable income if you ask me, if only for weekenders. So I wonder if it is all worth it. Especially for those that have to be displaced when someone is staying in their primary home…

Any thoughts?

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In Travel – I’ve been thinking a lot about travel lately and wondering if I should consider venturing away from my safety zone…home.

There are different reports from across the globe on whether still in lockdown, partial, full, back to ‘normal’ whatever that is and then for a second round of lockdown.

It’s not that I can’t wait it out, its just traveling is in my blood and without experiencing all things travel, I’ve sort of not been inspired to write. Weird how there is a connection between travelling and writing. At least for me.

In light of the wanderlust I have been mostly watching international films just so I can actually escape to the amazing film location.

Last night I watched Army of Thieves on Netflix, and my eyes lit up at the excitement of the location. Quaint towns in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – all hopefully mindfully filmed during the lockdown or shortly thereafter since it is a 2021 release.

I do recommend it. It is entertaining, a form of amazing escape. A mixture of adventure, suspense, and even a love story. A beautiful one at that the film writers and producers and directors have brought to our viewing please.

It was filmed….

Hallstatt and if Austria is one of your favorite destinations, please check out the 14 most beautiful small villages of Austria

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Prague – Then see Prague

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A small town in Germany I want to say Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Nevertheless, here’s a list of where to go when in Germany

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St. Moritz, Switzerland and all things Switzerland here.

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And naturally, you guessed it. Scenes potentially implying they were in Paris or Lyon or somewhere in France. I didn’t care. I simply soaked it in and loved every second of the 2-hour long fascinatingly filmed movie.

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Where to is your wanderlust?

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