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Searching for That Silver Lining

Apparently I had a smile on my face the other day that troubled my family members. It’s the sort of smile I produce when I am thinking and plotting and re-organizing priorities in my head.

You see, recently I’ve been tossing around the idea of scaling back on work and finding a new career adventure which actually and truly makes me happy.

Because of this back-and-forth, I’ve been buying novels with that very synopsis in play. Woman leaves life and moves somewhere. Woman finds new joy in life. Woman buys a cottage and transforms it. Woman learns life lessons and so on. I mean you get the picture.

So I smile, with every purchase of these very novels which are going to become my inspiration to make that leap or ‘bounce’ from the unfulfilling and into a more simple and yet gratifying life.

I’ve been caught with the very smile, when I stroll through a park or a quant neighborhood adoring all things nature, steadily and very colorfully readying for winter.

It’s all part of that novel, I think to myself.

Puppies make me smile. Horses, bees, butterflies, birds and even spiders – because I know they are doing everything in their power to keep our planet safe and livable.

I smile because the sun rises, and the sun sets. I smile at the quiet in the early morning hours and the silent of the night. I smile at the moon and even the darkness – for everything has a purpose…

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