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suggested classic films: paris in springtime

Every Spring I make a point to watch some of my favorite classics which revolve around Paris in the Springtime – especially on a rainy Saturday afternoon (Or some may refer to as Spring showers).  I usually pair this event with a bottle of champagne, some fresh strawberries and hot fudge and don’t ask why, but a bouquet of colorful tulips to set the mood.  I call this escape much needed mental therapy. Of course getting rid of the family for the afternoon also helps the situation. 🙂 Happy Weekend!

new years eve movie night

Just in case you have opted to stay home for New Years Eve this year and are tired of watching reruns or  reality shows on television, then consider renting some of the films I have listed below to keep you entertained. So, grab a bottle or two of champagne, pop some popcorn, turn up the fire, snuggle under a blanket with a loved one or not and enjoy a movie or two or three 🙂 1.  The Apartment (1960) 2. Breakfast At Tiffany (1961) 3. La Dolche Vita (1960) 4. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) 5. Holiday (1938) 6. High Society (1956)

new years eve decoration suggestions

A few things  to remember while hosting  a New Years Eve party are of course,  champagne,  party favors, an array of (silver and gold) decorations, at least for my taste (you can choose your own color theme as you wish)  around the living room and several funky clocks strategically  placed  at the buffet table and fireplace mantle alarmed and ready to go off at midnight. In light of the New Years Eve decoration suggestions, I have included some photos to share. Have fun planning!!!  

new years eve appetizer and dessert ideas

Although there are many parties or events happening around the world, in my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than celebrating New Year’s Eve with loved ones and  close friends, gathered in someone’s home. What I also like is when everyone is asked to bring a dish for the pot luck style dining. I think this is the only night I find myself munching into the wee hours of the morning (providing I am able to stay up that late anymore). So for this joyous occasion or celebration, I have included some quick appetizer and dessert ideas to consider, just in case you are either hosting a party or are invited to one where you are asked to bring a dish. Above photo: Antipasto sausage skewers, click here for the recipe Above: S’mores.  Recipe:  Graham crackers, chocolate piece, marshmellow and sprinkled with toasted coconut Above: Cupcakes in Fancy cups: Dark Chocolate cupcakes are recommended, white icing and silver or gold hard candy drizzled on top. Above: Various cheese and crackers  and dried fruits displayed on …

chocolate hues in your home

Chocolate hues in decor can either be a hit or a miss ,if one is not careful while selecting the color to decorate a room. The wrong hue or a combination of chocolate (brown)  shades without accent colors can sometimes drive a person away from the room rather than embrace the environment. I, for one, love the color and while contemplating incorporating it into a friend’s apartment theme, I put together the following photos for her to reflect upon in order to “get it right”. Let me know what you think of using chocolate-brown in decor? Also, if  you have dabbled with the color in your interior decor, please do share your photos or links.

frozen yogurt craze

This past week I was in L.A. again and for the first time in a while I decided on venturing into one of those frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere around the U.S.  I fought the urge for the longest time because I had heard some interesting stories about the makeup of the yogurt ingredients in the past, but for some reason the one I visited in Calabasas and Beverly Hills was really good and I suppose worth my dime (yes I meant dime) It is called  Menchie’s Yogurt and the store is set up something like a Hello Kitty store with bright colors and characters. At first you think to yourself, is this place really for adults also? But when you actually go in and create your own yogurt cup, you start to feel like a kid again and it doesn’t matter much anymore after that.  They have about 10 different flavored yogurts which is sold by weight (very smart business practice) and you can mix them in a one size for all cup, …

marisa tomei suggests belly dancing and protein

Marisa Tomei (45) is on the cover of Shape Magazine ( August 2010) and not sure if she is airbrushed (yes I am sure she is, just my inner voice wants to believe otherwise ), but she looks pretty good. According to her, when asked how she stays fit, she starts off her day drinking a cup of hot water with lemon and a boiled egg drizzled with a little olive oil or some fresh berries and granola with whole-milk yogurt. And since she loves to eat, she keeps high protein snacks on hand in order to keep her feeling full until the next snack attack. She also belly dances and this I can vouch for myself, it is a very good form of exercise. (Note: If you are a patient of Kaiser Permenante, they offer belly dancing classes now as a form of excercise). It is something to consider if salsa dancing isn’t available in your neck of the woods. She is a girl after my own heart because she also believes in playing, …

midlife crisis in film

I watch movies like it’s going out of style. I enjoy watching and reviewing them and of course often offer my two cents worth on a good movie which in my opinion go unnoticed as a result of all the 3D craze. Here is one I highly recommend for the woman over 40 and even some under 40, which in my opinion, although pretty predictable, is an eye opener for all of us who go through the crisis in either denial or in silence. The film is called The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, which probably lasted in theatres about a week or so and since it was an independent film, it wasn’t marketed like Avatar and Alice In Wonderland and so not too many people have heard of it. The film stars the beautiful Robin Wright Penn, who at the time the film came out was going through her own personal struggles with Sean Penn. It is a simple film, very touching and one that alot of women can relate to one way or …

venice beach for the woman over 40

In the 80’s every time I was in L.A. I had to visit Venice Beach and be part of the madness. In the 90’s not so much. I used to refer my student travellers to visit Venice Beach but I stayed away. In the early part of this interesting decade, I had the wonderful opportunity to work and live in L.A. so occasionally I drove down to Venice and checked out the interesting transformation taking place but didn’t have the chance to see the finished product/project before leaving L.A.  So with this visit, I was determined to drive down  to Venice and check on the progress and sure enough as I parked my car and walked towards Main Street, I quickly smiled to myself because I knew I would love the results as I plotted my walk down the street. Suburban Venice has transformed into a wonderful place for the older crowd (especially women over 40) to visit and actually consider spending a few days there in order to enjoy shopping, get a facial and …

my playground

Going to my favorite playground for a week to kick off the 4th of July celebration and of course play tourist and a celebrity all wrapped up in one. I do this once or twice or even three times a year, it’s a fun and quick escape from it all, especially if you are on a budget. So, happy 4th Americans and for all the tourists visiting the U.S. this week, enjoy our version of Patriotism with bbq’s, fireworks and the old red, white and blue cupcakes and popsicles.