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frozen yogurt craze

This past week I was in L.A. again and for the first time in a while I decided on venturing into one of those frozen yogurt shops popping up everywhere around the U.S.  I fought the urge for the longest time because I had heard some interesting stories about the makeup of the yogurt ingredients in the past, but for some reason the one I visited in Calabasas and Beverly Hills was really good and I suppose worth my dime (yes I meant dime)

It is called  Menchie’s Yogurt and the store is set up something like a Hello Kitty store with bright colors and characters. At first you think to yourself, is this place really for adults also? But when you actually go in and create your own yogurt cup, you start to feel like a kid again and it doesn’t matter much anymore after that.  They have about 10 different flavored yogurts which is sold by weight (very smart business practice) and you can mix them in a one size for all cup, delightfully labeled with how much of an expert you are considered by the lines along the side of the cup. So the more you fill, the more of an expert you are and the more money they make (cute).

The toppings are either candy or fresh fruits and of course they have about 4 different flavored syrups or sauces you can pour over the yogurt for that final touch and the extra weight necessary to make it about 7.00 for a full cup. I think the best part of it was when I walked up to the cashier and had her weigh my cup, she instructed me to remove the plastic spoon just to save a few cents. I laughed and obliged and then with my sticky hands sat down at a colorful table and devoured my vanilla flavored yogurt, with fresh-cut fruits and hot fudge chocolate syrup with a drizzle of marshmallow syrup.

Although, these yogurt shops are probably a fad or a phase, like most other eateries in the U.S., it is one that stands out among the other frozen yogurt shops with fruit or color names (like Melon, Canteloupe, Orange, Pinkberry, etc) because of the uniformity of the brand name and the consistency of their yogurt, which taste the most natural (in my opinion) from the others.  As a matter of fact, the live cultures had me going the three days I consumed the products.

I do highly recommend the yogurt, if there is a shop in your neck of the woods but be careful, the $$$ add up the more of an expert cup filler you are.


  1. Carla says

    O.K.- I could make a meal out of one of these and my cup would be $10.00. Thank God I don’t live close to this place!

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