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1001 gardens to visit before i die

I don’t know if you have noticed but in most museum stores, there is a book perfectly displayed, titled 1001 Gardens You Must Visit Before You Die.  Although I hate the words visit and die in the same sentence and normally don’t really look at such books, but because I am a garden phonetic, I actually flipped through the book when I was in the Getty Museum (Center) bookstore couple of weeks ago.

From the 1001 gardens listed in the book, I have visited perhaps two or three thus far, and although I would love to make a point to see a hundred of the gardens in the book, I know I am not really going to get a chance to do so, for one reason or another and mostly because some of them are in countries I don’t really plan to visit in my lifetime.

So, I would love to  hear from anyone and everyone who has had the wonderful opportunity to visit any of the famous gardens around the world listed in the book, whether in Japan or Mexico or New York and Vancouver, just so I understand if the gardens are truly as amazing as the ones I have seen.


  1. Chucky says

    the brooklyn botanical gardens, very nice; the huntington gardens in san marino so cal also very nice; la canada gardens up in la canada near glendale in socal also nice, the luxemburg gardens in paris france beautiful, more later….. are they in this book???

  2. Susana Crook says

    Those books annoy me to…I went online to search for the book you’re referencing to see if I could find the list of gardens and see if I’ve gone to any of them….instead I found this hillarious is a snipet that sums up how I feel:
    “Like many people, I already spend too much time coming up with arbitrary things I “should” be doing, keeping myself so busy that it’s hard to separate one moment from the next. The last thing I need to read is a book that pits my desire for adventure against the time pressure of mortality—especially in the form of a thousand and one places I’m supposed to play golf.”
    You can read the whole thing at it’s hillarious!

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