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here’s looking at you babe

I love it when I flip through print and online magazines and see a well put together outfit which in my opinion is versatile enough for the woman over 40 to consider wearing. Here is one I found in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales Magazine which had me run to the store just to check it out in flesh (for lack of a better word) and believe me, the dress by Suzi Chin.Maggy Boutigue is a must add to my wardrobe. The only concern is the high-waisted pencil skirt for some woman but otherwise it is a classic ensemble of beads, mesh and rosettes on a heather/black duel colored two-piece dress. The dress on sale is $98.00 until August 2nd and then it’s going to be $148.00.

To complete this amazing look, you are welcome to consider the Kenneth Cole New York Emcee Squared large satchel $198.00 pre-sale, $298.00 after. Which I am going to pass up and consider an imitation. What I love about this dress is that I can consider wearing it during the day to work with a black sweater over it to play down the decor on the neckline. Either way it is so nice to see the classic look pop up in 2010 fall fashion.

***Bracelets by Alexis Bitar sold at Nordstrom as well. Priced at $54.00 – 358.00

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  1. Chucky says

    well, why this obsession with the women over forty, why not just adult women instead; also these dress way too busy on top for a woman like you, you need less because already god gave you too much there, LOL, you’re better off getting something like audrey in breakfast in tiffany movie and as far as the bag, you really should get that one because that one can go with a lots of dresses, really nice bag…

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