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Food: Chicken Taco

I have been stuck on rotation lately, pretty much making the same meals every week. Too busy at work for sure, and not enough time to get as creative as I’d like for dinner. Also my craving has been off – mostly stress eating. So, tonight I am going for this awesome twist on tacos and naturally I feel the need to share. Disclaimer: Full photo and recipe credit here

What’s On Our Minds Lately

As I stood in front of the cashier at Trader Joe’s (national chain grocery store) yesterday waiting for him to scan my groceries, he asked how my day was going. I was used to the question. It is one all of the friendly TJ cashiers ask. I told him it was fine. He then noticed the bouquet of flowers in my cart, and asked if they were for me or a gift for someone else. I told him it was a little of both. Some for my home-office desk (a ritual I started when we were only allowed to shop for essentials), and the rest for my mother. He then asked what line of work I was in. I told him. And he told me he was laid off last year, but was glad to be working again. One topic led to the next, and somehow we ended up exchanging opinions about the toll the pandemic has had on society and the eagerness to get back to ‘whatever normal was’. He asked if I was …

Recap and A Few Thoughts

Travel is always on my mind, more so during the cold and dreary summer months we experience here in San Francisco. It fuels my need to get away, to somewhere sunny and warm. Funny how the UK is experiencing scorching temperatures right now, while in San Francisco, we are bundled up in winter sweaters, and heavy blankets. Here’s what’s happened in my world. Since March of 2020, I’ve sort of been at a loss. Not sure what topics to write about or thoughts to share past the doom and gloom we’ve all been feeling since the pandemic. I didn’t want to add to all the news, nor come across insensitive in any way by avoiding controversial topic throughout the year+. So, I’ve stayed quiet for the most part. Remained focused more on the challenges my family has faced throughout the year. The biggest loss for me this year, was putting my dog down in February. After 16 wonderful years of countless memories, silliness, and naps curled up on the bed next to me while I …

Travel: Places to Imagine

Slowly and more and more I am seeing friends and acquaintances on social media post images of their travels – naturally after being vaccinated. Which of course has me feeling a mixed of emotions. Are we truly ready to travel? Is safety truly a priority – or will remain a priority around the world since vaccination? How do I maneuver my own city with more and more tourists flocking to San Francisco, mostly without masks? Are they vaccinated, asymptomatic, or… Always the or? Funny I saw a commercial on television the other day and thought, why do we doubt so much? And should we just live and breathe and simply hope for the best? What will it all look like in the coming months? One thing I know for sure, social media is gearing us up to think about travel. What are you thoughts about travel? Too soon? Not soon enough? Or ready for in moderation? {article inspiration source and full credit}

Food: Easter Dinner

I am sure this may sound a bit cliché but throughout my life, I have experienced the best Mediterranean cuisine one can possibly imagine From my grandmother, to my mother, aunts and even a cousin who studied at Cordon Bleu in Paris. The meals, although the same staple, were served with a variety of flavors, spices and methods , depending on what part of the region one was from. What I do now in my own cooking is I combine all of the flavors and styles to create my own variation. I have to say it’s been surprisingly amazing. So what does my story have to do with Easter Dinner? Well it has lots to do with it. Lamb is the choice for the feast, rack of lamb, shredded or minced into a variety of dishes I will discuss in another post, we served it, along with a side dish or two. Nothing fancy, but very flavorful. I always say the best meals are the simple ones and those prepared at home. So tell me…what are …

Food: Easter Cakes To Share

Easter being my favorite religious holiday, I tend to honor the rituals of holy week. The week between Palm Sunday and Easter. From cooking our traditional meals, to egg coloring to baking brioche from a very old family recipe which unfortunately I cannot share with anyone outside of family. (You understand :)) But I can share these amazing cake recipes I discovered here for your baking pleasure. [featured image and recipe full credit}