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Holiday Series: Gift Wrap – It’s All In The Trimmings

Don’t get me wrong – I adore a beautifully designed gift wrap paper and sometimes buy a roll just to add to my collection of uniquely crafted wraps. But lately, in light of all things to save our planet, I cannot help but appreciate the simplest of gift wrapping ideas. Which by the way, I’ve adapted for years – finding the most unusual ways to wrap presents with grocery paper bags, tissue paper, newspaper, old magazine pages, and even book pages – because at the end of the day, it is all about the trimming… {source here, and here}

The List of Posibilities for This Holiday Season

I hate the concept of – I can’t because…, or, there is no way possible…., or simply, NO it won’t work…  Because I am firm believer of anything is possible – and there are solutions to every problem, and the only thing holding a person back is their inability to think outside the norm.

Holiday Series: Gift Ideas For the Traveler

That would be me – the traveler, so I figured I’d kick off my holiday gift idea series with some ideal gifts for the traveler in your life or the ones you are trying to introduce the idea to – that travelling is probably one of the best experience any human can have in their lifetime and a lifetime spent not travelling – is a life not lived well. 🙂 {featured image and source}

Gift Ideas For Christmas and Beyond

There is one  gift I recommend for the man or woman in your life who has a certain flair for things – and if you haven’t yet found that gift, then please consider the following for Christmas and beyond: Not just any bag, but a Coach bag, styles in variation, the colors classic, the creations priced just right – see here for yourself   A Pen for the businessman at heart and not just any pen, consider Parker – the classic American purveyers of pens:     And for the man who prefers casual – then these are the perfect Coach finds for him:

Gift Ideas For Him or Them

I know, you are probably sick and tired of every site online sharing their gift ideas, and actually I have thought about not following the trend. But then I seem to always have trouble finding a unique gift or something re-invented for the men in our family. So, this year while I shopped online – I found some cool gift ideas and figured I’d share it here:  

What to See, Eat and Buy Yourself To Cheer Up This Holiday Season

No matter how crazy this year has been for me, I’ve made a conscious effort to get into the spirit of the holiday season. Encouraging everyone around me to do the same – even if it’s simply decorating the Christmas tree or home or work space – just do it. I promise it will make you feel a little bit better. So once the decorations are up, then consider a few more things to life up your spirit: There are so many Holiday themed films, make popcorn, open a bottle of bubbly and simply indulge in adult Christmas movies , or chuck the bubbly and watch the ones for the entire family. And if going for the holiday themed film experience at a movie theater, see The Man Who Invented Christmas, or a local independent theater playing classic Christmas movies.  Also my favorite Hallmark films for 2017 are Operation Christmas, and Miss Christmas. That’s not saying I haven’t been binge watching the rest.   I think for the holidays, pause the obsession about watching your …