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What to See, Eat and Buy Yourself To Cheer Up This Holiday Season

No matter how crazy this year has been for me, I’ve made a conscious effort to get into the spirit of the holiday season. Encouraging everyone around me to do the same – even if it’s simply decorating the Christmas tree or home or work space – just do it. I promise it will make you feel a little bit better.

So once the decorations are up, then consider a few more things to life up your spirit:

There are so many Holiday themed films, make popcorn, open a bottle of bubbly and simply indulge in adult Christmas movies , or chuck the bubbly and watch the ones for the entire family. And if going for the holiday themed film experience at a movie theater, see The Man Who Invented Christmas, or a local independent theater playing classic Christmas movies.  Also my favorite Hallmark films for 2017 are Operation Christmas, and Miss Christmas. That’s not saying I haven’t been binge watching the rest.


I think for the holidays, pause the obsession about watching your weight, or losing the weight, and just enjoy this cake, and that cake, and okay if health is a concern, then go for this, this, or this and even that. If all else fails, go to your nearest hot chocolate specialty store and order a cup with the works. And if you are a baker at heart, then gather up your friends, or kids, and have a bake party with healthy recipe ideas from here.

I am not talking about gifts like the iPhone X, or a car, or a designer bag. Although those are cool ideas to gift yourself this year. But for the sake of fun – and to make yourself laugh, consider these gifting yourself ideas. Or if fitness is your thing, then go here for gifts for yourself, and the best of gift ideas, go to a perfumerie if you can in your town, and select a custom-made scent for yourself. I promise you won’t regret the decision, no matter the price tag. And here’s one I want to throw in – go here and order a paperback copy of my first novel and I will throw in part II.

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