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Decor: The Power Of…

There are certain elements of decor that simply take my breath away, and has me smiling even through the most difficult of times. Also, I never realized how important it is to maintain this artistic expression site of mine I call Raw Silk and Saffron. So without much of words, I’ll share my thoughts {featured image source and full credit}

Decor: Much Admired Home Renovations

In light of the fact, we are still on lockdown, more so in the states, I am often times searching for inspiration for when I renovate my mother’s house. To create the sanctuary I feel is necessary to sustain the current lifestyle which could very well turn into a permanent one: Working from home, vacationing from the couch, and creating dining experiences throughout the house, mainly of course the dining room, kitchen nook, backyard/garden/patio. Here’s what I am pinning to my architecture/design/decor wall: So are you in the mood to renovate? If so what part of your home? {featured image full credit}

Lifestyles We Share

I think we can all agree and some may disagree that we have lots in common during this pandemic lockdown/half-lockdown/possible opening/maybe closing/much reservation in the season ahead – that we have found new ways to keep busy or distracted. In my case, updating the house, swooning over travel destinations, cooking, watching movies on various apps, and tapping into my artistic side – oh and don’t forget walking, lots of walking (which I used to do anyway) I’ve never been a fan of the gym. So this Thursday, while juggling a bathroom renovation, painting the kitchen cabinets to a lighter color – grayish-blue, and updating the bedroom, I am mostly focused on home renovations and what I am taking from each one: What’s got you distracted, or busy these days?

Monday Updates and More Lovely Things

…And we are back – to another work week and the continuation of our current lifestyle – which by the way I have gotten so used to now. Have you? Lots happened over the weekend, mostly in my head, where I am now wondering how life will be after the pandemic. Will we be mindful, thoughtful and as tight knit as we have become while struggling through the same challenges, globally? Or will everyone simply bounce back to the norm before the storm…that has swept the entire planet to its current state? Just thinking out loud. But really, in San Francisco we are in the final weeks of the best weather, before the summer dense fog shrouds the city for the next three or four months.  So, I did some walking across the city again, while snapping photographs of the springtime blooms throughout. Then worked in my garden – which I’d been avoiding due to severe allergies in my family – but I have to say, it was the most invigorating as plans to revamp …

Five Interesting Articles From Around The Internet

We’ve had a couple of very hot days around San Francisco, to the point it was stifling. San Franciscans are never happy with our climate – too cold, too hot, too foggy, too windy. But it is what it is – global warming or not, we have seen the same pattern year in and year out. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in global warming or are not concerned with all the issues surfacing across the globe, I am simply stating around this part of the world, we have grown accustom to the seasons. Today, after finishing up a conference call, working from home, since my beautiful dog isn’t feeling his best. Hasn’t really for a while, I realize I needed a distraction or two and what better way then to focus on some not front-page topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this blog entry}

Boutique Hotel Pick – L’Hotel Particulier – Arles, France

Mondays are a great day to start with daydreaming – about places you wish you could go or ones you hope someone would whisk you away to – for a bit of rest and relaxation, and romance – kind of like this place in Arles, France. Details are everything   

Friday and It’s a Wrap

What’s your take on the comment, “Friday can’t come soon enough.” I don’t think much of it. To me Friday is just another day leading to the next, in terms of fulfilling  obligations or commitments, sometimes to the point it almost feels like a work day. And then there are those who actually work the weekends. So for the sake of the traditional Fridays leading to a weekend filled with rest and relaxation and all that is fun and play – I ask, what are you doing this weekend? My weekend is leaning heavy towards doing chores, and running too many errands. Hopefully I can insert a walk along the coast, if the weather permits, or a game of tennis in between and a mid-day nap. The highs and lows of this past week were something like this: Low: Had trouble saying my final goodbye to a family pet over the past weekend. Low: Experienced a few reality checks. I suppose we all need that from time to time. But I hate how its flared …

In Need of Motivation

I don’t think it is realized just how important a little sunshine every day is until summer in San Francisco, waking up every morning to a dense fog and temperatures in the mid to high 50’s at most. I know to some folks that’s not cold, but it is in the bay area standards. So, this Monday morning I need some motivation to…

Sunday Reads And A Cup of Coffee or Tea

Sunday mornings are the best. I wake up early no matter the leisure day, and  do a bit of reading an actual paperback with a cup or two of green tea in hand, and then get online to plan out my blogging week. All before breakfast :). I feel more accomplished like that. Anyway, without boring you with too much background, I share with you today’s interesting finds:

Saturday Morning Interesting Reads Online

I get up at 5:30  every morning, no matter the day. I love the quiet, and the peacefulness, because it helps me think best and plan out my day and even reshuffle my life goals.  Then, I do some of my best writing here, there, and even a chapter for my next novel. But what I love most about this time, is what I find interesting online to share with all of you: