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Five Interesting Articles From Around The Internet

We’ve had a couple of very hot days around San Francisco, to the point it was stifling. San Franciscans are never happy with our climate – too cold, too hot, too foggy, too windy. But it is what it is – global warming or not, we have seen the same pattern year in and year out. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in global warming or are not concerned with all the issues surfacing across the globe, I am simply stating around this part of the world, we have grown accustom to the seasons. Today, after finishing up a conference call, working from home, since my beautiful dog isn’t feeling his best. Hasn’t really for a while, I realize I needed a distraction or two and what better way then to focus on some not front-page topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this blog entry}

Boutique Hotel Pick – L’Hotel Particulier – Arles, France

Mondays are a great day to start with daydreaming – about places you wish you could go or ones you hope someone would whisk you away to – for a bit of rest and relaxation, and romance – kind of like this place in Arles, France. Details are everything   

Friday and It’s a Wrap

What’s your take on the comment, “Friday can’t come soon enough.” I don’t think much of it. To me Friday is just another day leading to the next, in terms of fulfilling  obligations or commitments, sometimes to the point it almost feels like a work day. And then there are those who actually work the weekends. So for the sake of the traditional Fridays leading to a weekend filled with rest and relaxation and all that is fun and play – I ask, what are you doing this weekend? My weekend is leaning heavy towards doing chores, and running too many errands. Hopefully I can insert a walk along the coast, if the weather permits, or a game of tennis in between and a mid-day nap. The highs and lows of this past week were something like this: Low: Had trouble saying my final goodbye to a family pet over the past weekend. Low: Experienced a few reality checks. I suppose we all need that from time to time. But I hate how its flared …

In Need of Motivation

I don’t think it is realized just how important a little sunshine every day is until summer in San Francisco, waking up every morning to a dense fog and temperatures in the mid to high 50’s at most. I know to some folks that’s not cold, but it is in the bay area standards. So, this Monday morning I need some motivation to…

Sunday Reads And A Cup of Coffee or Tea

Sunday mornings are the best. I wake up early no matter the leisure day, and  do a bit of reading an actual paperback with a cup or two of green tea in hand, and then get online to plan out my blogging week. All before breakfast :). I feel more accomplished like that. Anyway, without boring you with too much background, I share with you today’s interesting finds:

Saturday Morning Interesting Reads Online

I get up at 5:30  every morning, no matter the day. I love the quiet, and the peacefulness, because it helps me think best and plan out my day and even reshuffle my life goals.  Then, I do some of my best writing here, there, and even a chapter for my next novel. But what I love most about this time, is what I find interesting online to share with all of you:

What’s Got Me Interested This Morning

This week feels like it’s dragging on – or – maybe I’m taking a break from being productive. Who knows – except that I am spending way too much time online letting my brain to simply escape. I mean we all need that once in a while right? So here’s what got me interested this morning over a bowl of cereal and a cup of jo.     1. This article about one of Venice’s finest hotels – which are three buildings that were constructed over several centuries? Now that’s what I call architectural character. 2. One of my favorite actress, Jessica Chastain got married over the weekend to a handsome and debonair Italian count, she’s been dating for five years. I love a romantic nuptial and this is probably the best since George and Amal.  But what got me most interested was the location they chose in Italy. 3. Then I got sidetracked about introducing color into your home. Something I am helping a friend to consider in her rental property with bland white …