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Friday and It’s a Wrap

What’s your take on the comment, “Friday can’t come soon enough.” I don’t think much of it. To me Friday is just another day leading to the next, in terms of fulfilling  obligations or commitments, sometimes to the point it almost feels like a work day. And then there are those who actually work the weekends.

So for the sake of the traditional Fridays leading to a weekend filled with rest and relaxation and all that is fun and play – I ask, what are you doing this weekend?

My weekend is leaning heavy towards doing chores, and running too many errands. Hopefully I can insert a walk along the coast, if the weather permits, or a game of tennis in between and a mid-day nap.

The highs and lows of this past week were something like this:

Low: Had trouble saying my final goodbye to a family pet over the past weekend.
Low: Experienced a few reality checks. I suppose we all need that from time to time. But I hate how its flared up my insecurities.
High: Took a long walk through the woods on Wednesday where I was given the best greeting by a dozen dogs, in a doggy park.
High: Started binge watching – Victoria – and I have to say – it is worth it for those experiencing, The Crown, and Downton Abbey withdrawals.

In case, all of the above seem frivolous, then maybe these will spark an interest:

Like perhaps, shopping for the most luxurious advent calendar

Or, realizing that ten-minutes to yourself a day should be the norm, and if you don’t think you have the time, then make time. I promise it will do you wonders.

Do you play the lottery? I did this week for the first time in twenty years. Yes indeed. I got sucked into the belief that I would win  1.6 Billion dollars on Tuesday, and once I realized I didn’t win, I went on to play the Powerball on Wednesday, which by the way no one has won yet?   It was a bittersweet gamble I took while strategically picking my numbers, and imagining all my winnings helping some amazing cause or a dozen.  I have a question – Do you believe, winning will change you for the better or the worst version of yourself?

I want these Mosser Glassware – just sayin’ – in case you’ve added me to your Christmas list.  Which brings me to ask, have you started shopping? Or created your wish-list?  Or do you consider yourself a last-minute shopping expert?

If you have set aside a budget to treat yourself each month to something, would it be this, this or this?

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do.





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