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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

The air quality near San Francisco is deemed very unhealthy this morning, seems almost overnight new fires have sparked or spread. Since by Thursday morning we were able to breathe a little, but throughout the night it became unbearable once again-this time the smell of rubber burning is the best way to describe  it.  What’s worse is that there is no rain  in the forecast, so the idea of this situation lingering on, is concerning. Our next door neighbor decided to have a small classroom in the garage of his home. Where six kids plus their parents would try their best to give their children the classroom experience needed for positive development. They kids have recess in the backyard, and a lunch time outdoors, all monitored by different parents each day. It’s kind of refreshing, since their time for a break, is the time I take my break from my computer, which I normally don’t do. Discovering new trails is pretty much out of the question for us this weekend, as there is nowhere to …

decor: rustic taste and a flare for french country design

I think if I had the means I would decorate my house differently every six months or so. But since reality dictates otherwise, I choose to decorate over time not really sticking to one style or another, and including everything that I makes me feel happy. With that said, here’s a few decor styles I’ve been slowly incorporating in my current state of transforming my studio-loft lucky for me attached to a beautiful garden: {source}

interior design: dutch oil painting inspired checkered floors

When I was a child, maybe six or seven, I received a tin can full of wrapped candy in cellophane. Instead of being excited about the contents of the box, I was more impressed with the art work on the four sides of the box.  As a child I had no idea what it was but stared at the art work for years on end, impressed by the beauty of it. It was a dark room, with checkered floors and the only light was from a small window, reflecting against it. When my family was migrating to the states, I asked to take the box with me. I cherished it and it was the only reminder of my wonderful childhood. Since then, I’ve been to museums throughout Europe and have learned enough about art in school, to know that particular painting etched unto the four sides of the  box was  inspired by Baroque Dutch Oil Paintings. I was in love with the flooring then and I have remained that way since. Because of my fascination …

interior decor: calming and esthetically pleasing style

A man ‘s home is his  castle. I think I’ve heard this saying a dozen times and since I truly appreciate all forms of design and architecture, I truly believe that if a home is a man’s castle (well in my book it’s also a woman’s castle) then he, and once married, mostly she should find ways to  make it a calming and esthetically pleasing place and of course words are not enough to express what I mean (as usual) so here are some of my favorite calming and esthetically pleasing style 🙂 {click on first photo to start the slideshow}

interior or exterior design: doors with a statement

There are many components to a home which, like fashion, either make or break (in this case), the flow. And although I appreciate interior decor as much as the next person, I also admire interior or (in this case) also exterior design: Doors. As a result of my passion, I have taken over a thousand photos of doors during my travels and here in San Francisco and when I come across one I admire in a magazine or the internet, I click and save it. :). Here are some of my favorite doors