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Weekend Bound

Whatever plans you have for the weekend, I hope it gives you the tiny bit of joy or happiness, or simply distracts from all things unpleasant.

But just in case…

Last night while aiming to decompress from another stressful week, I opted to watch Netflix-The Parisian Agency . This is of course because I ached to live vicariously through those wealthy Parisians searching for their perfect home somewhere in France and even out.

Note to self: Become a fashion designer and move to France.

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THIS RECIPE is all I am going to say
and this Earl Grey Crème Brûlée recipe

Inside the ethical beauty boom – article talks about the rituals we have established globally for self-care.

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I’ve been watching Netflix films from Spain. Naturally dubbed in English, but they have actually been super entertaining and somewhat enchanting. Not to mention I enjoy filmmaking techniques from different parts of the world. Having said that, this article about Spain’s white gold super drink had me doing a double take – considering how amazing Spanish cuisine is from all my travels to the region. I had to see what this was all about. Horchata! One of my favorite drinks, and something I order here in the states-California, every chance I get. What I need to do is go to Spain and have a comparison. 🙂

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And lastly, back to France>Paris>Notre Dame and this article

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    • Ah Ireland – on my to-do list still. I’ve had my share of interesting variations of crème brulé here in the states and across the pond.

  1. ThingsHelenLoves says

    Horchata looks intriguing. I wonder if I could get my hands on it to try here in the UK? * shuffles off to google it *

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