Month: January 2017

Food: Butternut Squash Soup

The other day I was at Trader Joe’s and while reaching over to pick up their version of my favorite – butternut squash soup – I couldn’t help but make a mental note that I needed to find a home-made version of the recipe. And…of course I finally did, and here it is:

Lifestyle: Habits to Consider Making Your Own

I’ve never hit the snooze button in the mornings and wake up the same time every day, even weekends. I insist on having a sit down breakfast, and I walk to the bus and climb stairs from the subway rather than opt for cars and elevators. Hot water in the morning with a slice of lemon gets me going, and listening to nature music helps give my day a calming start – even at work. Although I understand the details I mentioned above of how my life goes may not apply to those with small children or kids who live at home, but even then creating certain habits for yourself in the mornings keeps you in control (says me) and is the best way to start the day says this one article: Get Up Early: The idea of getting up early can make many of us feel tired just thinking about it, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned you should never do in the morning, it’s hit the snooze button. According to a report …

Decor: Small Spaces Can Be Enough If Done Right

I live in a studio apartment in San Francisco. I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I have a wonderful view. Surely a while back I owned a massive 3300 sq. foot 2 story home just outside the city. But I realized that the place, although a house, was not a home. I’m more of a small space kind of gal. When we decided to downsize and move back to our wonderful city, I didn’t take much interest in painting or doing too much to the space we rented at the time, because I was fixed more on the view from the large window and figured the rest of the pleasures will come from travelling. Until in July 2016, I rolled up my sleeves and just went for the remodel, revamp, and everything that would I felt would add to my ocean view with the idea I wanted the place to feel light and airy. Although I am shy about sharing my personal space with anyone, I have offered up  a wonderful article:

What Is Going Through My Mind Today

I can’t recall a time where I’ve had a peaceful night’s sleep. Meaning to say that I stay up most nights pondering about everything most definitely out of my control, and then I talk myself into  just letting go. I think it’s a survival mechanism. Note to self: Perhaps I need to scale back on social media, it may help a little. But for now, I can’t help but wonder what if….  The US president’s conduct, which the majority don’t agree with is a ploy to get everyone to become more patriotic and more involved in our country? Social media were to shut down on Sundays so that everyone can do all things that make them less angry at every single word published online which has fueled such behaviors lately. Religion was more important than anything else to live a more positive life? What if compassion replaced greed? History and current event teachings in schools were not based on one-sided opinions? What if there was no bullying – ever? What if WORLD PEACE was stitched unto every flag of …

Food: Pizza with Artichoke, Lemons and Spinach

Every week I search for new ways of making a meal from the old – if you know what I mean. I shop at Trader Joe’s every week and buy the same things –  the proteins, fresh organic veggies and fruits, and not so much starchy products. At most dutch potatoes. So I get online and search for recipes to try and I have to tell you my mouth was watering at the thought of this recipe:

Lifestyle: Online Topics of Interest

I’m always analyzing this thing called life – and often times read up on topics about how the cycle of life takes shape day in and day. Some articles I find myself questioning, others I feel the need to share: So for this day, where some of you may be off work, here’s a list of articles that may be worth a click or two: