Month: August 2011

fabulous foyers

Foyers are an important part of any home. It is a place which establishes first impressions and for that, it cannot be overlooked or understated. I adore foyers and always dream of making an exciting statement with the one in my home. So I searched, as usual, and found the following inspirations to consider incorporating into my own unique style.

a sex and the city fashion envy

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a fashion conscious city like New York and dress like the Sex In The City cast? Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco is somewhat  fashion trendy, but it is so mostly on  conservative  color choices. Perhaps  because of our year long dreary weather, we tend to stick to blacks and grays and rarely walk about the city in fuschia, orange hues or bright yellows, well maybe as a shell underneath a suit. This fall, I am longing to add some gold, blood red orange, deep yellows and different shades of green to my wardrobe and hopefully set a new standard for myself no matter how black and gray the choices are all around me. So, for the new objective at hand and the baby steps to get there , I have put together an outfit from here, which I plan to duplicate for the impending fall season. 1.Bottega Veneta Lace Cummberbund dress 2600 2. Roland Mouret Louis Hopsack wool coat 3455 3. Michael Kors Quinn …

boutique hotel pick – royal hotel – san remo, italy

As I organize my impending trip to Italy hopefully very soon, I can’t help but reminisce about some of the places I have visited and the boutique hotels I have stayed in. One particular hotel which comes to mind is the Royal Hotel in San Remo, Italy – just so you understand where it is, San Remo is about 64 kilometers from Nice, France. It’s a well know resort town located along the Italian Riviera between Genoa and the French border.  San Remo is also known for its casinos and the beautiful harbor lined with cafes and shops. Considering I haven’t seen much sun this summer, I am longing to spend a week in San Remo and staying at the Royal Hotel for a much needed rest and relaxation.

healthy recipes: beet salad with goat cheese

I love beets and although this particular vegetable is an acquired taste, I do recommend it to anyone willing to try something new, well at least once. Anyway, no one has to convince me to eat beets nor explain the health benefits associated with it. So, after ordering beet salad with goat cheese at a restaurant in San Francisco the other night, I decided I needed to find a recipe I could try at home. Now, I understand many people have nut allergies, particularly walnuts, so please be cautious with the recipe and if you or someone you know has allergies, leave out the walnuts or put them in a separate dish so that anyone  who isn’t allergic to them can add them to the salad and those who are, can avoid them. Ingredients 4 medium beets – scrubbed, trimmed and cut in half 1/3 cup chopped walnuts 3 tablespoons maple syrup 1 (10 ounce) package mixed baby salad greens 1/2 cup frozen orange juice concentrate 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil …

chasing french and italian countryside in napa

Over the weekend I needed to get away from the cold and the fog and find some sun. So what  better way to do that then to take a trip to Napa and emerse myself in a  mini replica French and Italian countryside escape, while taking in the sun. We got an early start because we wanted to stop off  for breakfast in Sausalito before the town was packed with tourists. We usually eat at my favorite breakfast place, Sausalito Bakery and Cafe  (I don’t care if it’s touristy spot) because of the ambiance, a great cup of coffee and a slice of blueberry and cottage cheese strudel made with filo dough. (It’s actually really delicious and much lighter than the typical strudel made with regular dough). While we sipped coffee we discussed our course of action for Napa, knowing very well we would end up at our usual favorite wineries. Finally or actually after forty five minutes of sipping coffee and watching the restaurants and shops open up and prepare for business, we head …

foggy weather blues in san francisco

Ok, I have to admit I am ready to pull my hair out, thanks to the depressing fog and this year particularity cold weather in San Francisco. The sad thing is, I haven’t been able to escape the doom and gloom because every weekend there is something I need to take care of, which requires me to be in the city. This, my friends, is not like me. I haven’t seen sun and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on me. So, after looking at the pictures below to escape the drizzle and the gray, I decided that I needed to physically run away to the sun. So stay tuned, I will fill you in on where I ended up this weekend to get my sun on 🙂 {photo resource click here}

how neutral is your fashion sense?

Don’t get me wrong, I love color, but even though that is the case, I tend to shop for neutrals more so than any other color. I love the sensibility of it, the fact no matter how the industry shifts  from one trend  to another, you can always be sure neutrals are somewhere in there, year after year after year. So, for that, I have included some of my latest favorite finds from here, which as usual I plan to duplicate this coming fall season: 1.Dress: Michael Kors Double Faced Angora and wool blend dress 1955USD 2.Sweater: Maison Martin Mangiela Wool/Silk blend cardigan 850USD 3.Bag: YSL Envelope Clutch 645 4.Shoes: Miu Miu Crystal Embellished patent leather 620USD 5.Sunglasses: Ilestreva Leonard Round Framed Acetata glasses 165USD 6.Earings: Monica Vinader Mini Luna Almond GP 335USD 7.Bracelet: Philippe Audibert Queens GP beaded cuff 505USD 8.Necklace: Mallarino Dalila 24K vermeil 925USD

i don’t know how she does it – with sarah jessica parker

Well I couldn’t pass up writing about the film I Don’t Know How She Does it, because being a multi-tasking woman myself, I sometimes ask myself “I Don’t Know How I Do It” and I am sure many of you do as well. Finally, and I repeat, finally a film about the realities of a working woman’s life in America and most any where else in the world embracing the same lifestyle as we do here. Anyway, without saying much, watch the trailer so you can see where I am coming from and considering it is Sarah Jessica Parker in the starring role, I am certain the film will put a dent at  the box office. What do you think, will you see the film?

burlingame avenue, burlingame, ca: a road trip from san francisco

A quick escape from San Francisco “summer time” dreary weather is Burlingame, CA, about 20 or so miles south of the city. There are many ways of getting there,  by car, by train and by bus. The best day to be on Burlingame Avenue is Saturday after 10a.m., when all the locals, dressed in their casual attire, gather their babies, dogs and elderly parents and walk about the area just to have a family outing. Of course I  go to Burlingame Avenue in Burlingame once a month during the summer months,  and after having an extended breakfast early in the morning  at Crepevine or Stacks, I do some shopping throughout most of the day and then either eat an early dinner or have a light snack before I return to my foggy and cold city. This past weekend,  I discovered a really great eatery, called Urban Bistro, while I was walking towards Crepevine for a brunch get together with some friends. I called everyone and asked them to join me at Urban Bistro just to …