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chasing french and italian countryside in napa

Over the weekend I needed to get away from the cold and the fog and find some sun. So what  better way to do that then to take a trip to Napa and emerse myself in a  mini replica French and Italian countryside escape, while taking in the sun.

We got an early start because we wanted to stop off  for breakfast in Sausalito before the town was packed with tourists. We usually eat at my favorite breakfast place, Sausalito Bakery and Cafe  (I don’t care if it’s touristy spot) because of the ambiance, a great cup of coffee and a slice of blueberry and cottage cheese strudel made with filo dough. (It’s actually really delicious and much lighter than the typical strudel made with regular dough). While we sipped coffee we discussed our course of action for Napa, knowing very well we would end up at our usual favorite wineries.

Finally or actually after forty five minutes of sipping coffee and watching the restaurants and shops open up and prepare for business, we head to Napa. The first stop was Viansa (of course) just so I can check on the vineyards. I do this throughout the year, I walk over to the vines and check on the grapes (don’t ask please) and then after a few photographs of the same old, which for some reason always looks amazing while I snap my camera, picture after picture, we headed to Jacuzzi Winery (this was a first visit).

The reason I hadn’t stopped at Jacuzzi before is because I had no idea they had remodeled the old hot springs/public pool and spa place and turned it into the most spectacular Italian winery in the area (and a must see).

We walked the grounds and after frolicking in the sun for an hour, we did some quality wine tasting and olive oil sampling and left the winery but only  after taking a dozen or more photographs. We then headed to Domaine Carneros a couple of miles down the road so that I could get a dose of French countryside and have my usual bottle of Sparkling wine and cheese and dried fruit platter. (Need I say more)

I’d say the day was as therapeutic as always thanks to the sun, the scenery, the French and Italian countryside setting and of course the consumption of some of the best wines, cheese, olives of the region.

Please do not use the photos without my consent or reference to this blog

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