Month: May 2023

There Is a Purpose To Everything

Do you believe, that where you are today in your life, is the path that will lead you to where you really need to be ultimately? I believe it… Think about it If things don’t pan out the way they do every single year from birth to current state, then how will you achieve the personal growth to become your own-individual-success story? All roads literally do lead….to where we are all destined to be…never mind the detours along the way Have an amazing day! {source}

How Are We All Doing?

I sit through countless daily meetings at my day job, wondering how we are all still functioning in a society that has changed so drastically since the pandemic. I do this because, no one seems to be the same in their behaviors, thought process, dedication, listening, comprehension and all other mannerisms of a modern society. I spoke of this to a co-worker based in our India office, who I have not seen nor spoken to in two years. We’ve simply responded to email chains. But we did the usual getting side-tracked, and had a heart-to-heart about this very thing. By the end of the conversation he said to me: M just float on… Which made me smile. What a nice concept, to simply float on. Thereafter, all I could do for the rest of my day, was allow my mind to float on.. to the recent films I’ve watched filmed on location, in Europe, or tropical destinations from everywhere and anywhere, and that feeling helped me get by. So I am curious, how do you …