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Saturday Topics

One of the things I do appreciate at my day job is, at the start of any zoom meeting, the host would say: Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all of you and thank you for joining. Not sure about the rest of the attendees, but I sort of take a step back and reflect on all those getting ready to start the day, the ones planning their lunch and even the poor souls who have to be on way past their working hours to attend a global meeting…I wonder about the scene behind the image of them sitting still in front of the camera. For me it is always at 5a.m., having rolled out of bed, with a cup of tea in hand, hoping no one would need me to talk about anything so intense. What do you do during a zoom call? I woke up very early this morning to get to the local grocer to pick up eggs and some breakfast goods. On the drive back, I actually pulled over …

have you met fifi flowers?

There is nothing like clicking away at my keyboard and accidentally stumbling upon a website or a blog which simply lights up my face. I did just that when I came across, fififlowers blog here. The first thing that came to mind is, finally I found the artist I want to design my first novel cover and after flipping through her artwork, I definiately know she will be the one to design the cover. Check out some of my favorites and then click here to  hopefully see some of yours.