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It’s Been A Long Time…

I usually catch up with a select few of my friends whom I’ve known forever, and family members, maybe a few times a year. However, I’ve felt a deeper connection here at RawSilkandSaffron, where I felt the need to stay in touch more often then the two or three times a year. But it seems, with every hectic day that passes, now the 17th of March already, the connection is too few and far between. No excuse. It is a reflection of what life has become since 2020. Anyway. Here I am taking a very small break, in between work madness, to stop here and share all the things that are going through my mind every single minute of the day, and in between all of the juggling and multi-tasking. Mad weather in California, leaky roofs and other damage, and cost of the impending repair. The idea of losing an aging parent is in the forefront of all my thoughts, contained only in the early morning hours, when all are still asleep. Where I plug …

Lifestyle: I Answered A Few Questions Just Because

I’ve been binge watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix for a week now, and have made it to season 2 episode 8. I have to say, it is one of the best shows for those worried about getting old-er or worried so much about being alone while older. This is of course, past the grown-up kids, and grand kids who stay in touch or visit often. The show resonated with me on so many levels and I just can’t stop myself from watching one episode after another. Kind of like the Golden Girls – except its not  four women struggling to get through old age, it’s unisex and the topics are a more modern take on what was shunned upon during the Golden Girls reign. Disclaimer – As you may know, I am doing much questioning about my landmark birthday coming up, so these days, veering towards topics about aging has become part of the norm  – like this one about a very sexy 74 year old fashion designer and her attitude towards a healthy …

fine bit of finds on my birthday

I was in a famous bookstore the other day, City Lights in Northbeach, aiming to promote my second novel Nob Hill.  By the way if you haven’t been, do make it a point to visit during your visit to San Francisco.  Anyway, I laughed so hard in the quiet of the store, certainly needing to take a picture. So this is what happened decades ago on my birthday… And, this is what’s happening today (June 26) on my birthday… And I laugh, either way. {click here to get there-cake blog}

Is It Bad To Compare Amal Clooney to Jackie Onassis – in fashion that is

I don’t know about you but the first glimpse of George Clooney’s then girlfriend, Amal, and all I could think about was how much she resembled Jackie Onassis.  A modern day version of course.   Same sort of flair I think, and I am seeing more and more each day why George has fallen in love with this mediterranean beauty and brains. Lucky for some of us,  Bazaar has posted some of Amal’s most stylish looks, which naturally I love. Take a look and let me know what you think?

month in a nutshell

The month of April, almost over, was the busiest month for me, even though I thought last year this month was, when one of my favorite people got married. Although I spend the month, rekindling family get togethers, bridal showers, business lunches and company after work happy hours, not to mention moving friends across the state,  I had enough time to think about what I foresee in the near future – meaning the next 6 months remaining for 2013, for myself. I had set goals, like everyone else at the beginning of the year and one by one, the daily challenges, altered my course or direction.  However, I haven’t forgotten what I needed to do still and so, I wrap up this month with a laundry list of things yet to achieve. 1. Launch book to kindle and other electronic reading tools 2. Work with a personal trainer to sculpt my body 3. Manage a garage sale in an effort to downsize 4. Donate entire wardrobe and revamp my style 5. Travel with those near …

refueling my brain

I never realized, actually I am lying. I have always known the weather plays a major role in my ability to stay creative while I write or discuss my inspirations.  So, since it’s been cold and rainy here in San Francisco for the past week as if we jus stumbled upon Winter, I find myself being completely uninspired. To make a long story short, I am taking a day to refuel my brain. Thank you all for your patience and for continuing to send  emails asking for more 😉  brb.

having one of those weeks

Once in a while, we all have one of those moments, one of those hours, one of those days, one of those weeks and so on. Well this week, it seems I am having one of those…Maybe it’s the time change, maybe it’s the stress of the realities, not sure, but I think I will take the rest of the week to gather my thoughts and return hopefully refreshed and full of hope. Thanks for your patience.