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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

The air quality near San Francisco is deemed very unhealthy this morning, seems almost overnight new fires have sparked or spread. Since by Thursday morning we were able to breathe a little, but throughout the night it became unbearable once again-this time the smell of rubber burning is the best way to describe  it.  What’s worse is that there is no rain  in the forecast, so the idea of this situation lingering on, is concerning. Our next door neighbor decided to have a small classroom in the garage of his home. Where six kids plus their parents would try their best to give their children the classroom experience needed for positive development. They kids have recess in the backyard, and a lunch time outdoors, all monitored by different parents each day. It’s kind of refreshing, since their time for a break, is the time I take my break from my computer, which I normally don’t do. Discovering new trails is pretty much out of the question for us this weekend, as there is nowhere to …

Travel: Italian Beaches

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was as good as it can be under the circumstances. I know I tried my best to stay on the upside, even while the downside was eating away at me. I walked across town on Saturday, and did much pondering and decision making over the current events shaping up or dismantling all that we have known and many things we never knew about but should. Sunday, I spent the day writing, and editing and figuring out all the wonderful topics and things I want to share this week with you all right here. Starting with this list of Italian beaches I want to experience, when travelling is safely altered to align with today’s environment. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming and adding to my travel bucket list. {featured images and source full credit}

Boutique Hotel Pick – JK Place – Capri, Italy

I haven’t been to Capri in 20 years, but I remember it fondly. So last night, my wanderlust had me searching Netflix and Amazon Prime for films based on the Island and naturally all of Italy. Which I found and listed below for your reference. But for the sake of this post, a boutique hotel pick in Capri was all I can think about for the planning stages of a trip this year to this romantic destination, brimming with breath-taking scenery, cuisine and nightlife, and some of the best beaches in the world.  As for me, I crave smaller details and sometimes luxury in accommodations , because I spend a great deal of time in my room, penning from the inspiration I draw by my environment, whether here or the next novel. And this hotel will suit me just fine, while in Capri. Care to join? Here’s a list of films made in or about Capri, but my all time favorite classic – It Started in Naples – but really mostly in Capri  {featured image …

Television Series: Catch 22 and Traitors

Films or television series based on Post World War II is something that has always fascinated me – and I love the fact, private media companies are doing much investing in the best of period shows in my opinion. For example – The Crown, The Amazing Mrs Maisel, and now Catch-22 and Traitors, among some I am certain, that I haven’t yet discovered (feel free to make your recommendations here). Anyhow, as I stated a week or so ago, I started watching season 1 of Catch-22 on Hulu and although the first two episodes had a slow start, somehow, someway, I got hooked and by the end of the season I was sad to see it end. Well done George Clooney – your investment is well worth every million.  In case you haven’t seen Catch-22 – the story filmed mostly in Italy was already one I had to see, even if it entailed blood and gore, the fact it was in Italy, had something to do with post WWII, I was going to endure. But …

Travel: Coastal Towns In Italy

You know, I think I’ll just let the photos do the talking – because if you are planning a trip to Italy in the Summer, plan with coastal towns in mind – as Rome, Florence and inner cities are always too hot and too crowded. And yes, so are the beaches, but the subtle breeze and the cooling effect of the water makes an Italian vacation the most memorable. For example: On another note – I’ve always imagined renting out an entire Villa overlooking some body of water in Italy and just exist for a few weeks, while allowing my creativity to shape another novel {featured image source}

Just Thoughts For The Week

I realized on my walk about downtown during lunch yesterday that the tourists have arrived. There is nothing more I love then tourists exploring my city – San Francisco. And the second thing I love is when they stop me for directions – I gladly offer up some insight, including recommending for them to venture out to the suburbs and try an off the beaten path restaurant or a pub/bar. In light of this exciting vacation season – and a weather that seems to be turning for the better around the bay area, I cannot help but think about where I want to escape to this year, which then has me thinking about this and that.

Travel: Four European Scenic Road Trips Worth Your While

It is almost March and time to begin the planning for whatever trip you intend to take in 2018. That includes Spring break anywhere from March to early April, Honeymoon, Mother’s day surprise, Destination Weddings, anniversary celebration, milestone birthday – you get the picture. So for this series, let’s begin with Four European recommended road trips –   You might also enjoy this read: How To Dress Like An Italian

Travel: Planning for 2018

My favorite topic and hobby is travel and so I think we best start discussing the subject to plan the most ideal getaways for 2018: Here’s a list of changes to be expected: Checking in will be a thing of the past. Robots will be there to assist you instead, In Flight Wi-Fi will improve. Biometric IDs will integrate, airports will become more pleasant, international travelers will have more choices, you will talk your way onto a plane, the gap between the front of planes to the back will become greater, comparing flight pricing will become more difficult (does this mean we would rely on travel agents again?) Check out the article here