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Just Thoughts For The Week

I realized on my walk about downtown during lunch yesterday that the tourists have arrived. There is nothing more I love then tourists exploring my city – San Francisco. And the second thing I love is when they stop me for directions – I gladly offer up some insight, including recommending for them to venture out to the suburbs and try an off the beaten path restaurant or a pub/bar.

In light of this exciting vacation season – and a weather that seems to be turning for the better around the bay area, I cannot help but think about where I want to escape to this year, which then has me thinking about this and that.

Currently Austria seems to be grabbing my attention – with magical scenery in every turn of the country, I see myself staying somewhere by a lake – in Halstatt

And you know when you click on an article, it always leads you to some finer things in life – like this decor I am loving

IF Spa-cation is your ideal of rest and relaxation – consider this option – Villa and Yacht spa package – WHAT?

The ooh la la of home decor – I see myself spending hours admiring every piece and decor – kind of like I used to do visiting a great-aunt of mine back in another life

And finally, wedding lovely with baby’s breath for the floral option – I couldn’t agree more – how whimsical the simple flower makes a Spring-Summer wedding

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