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Lifestyle: A Guide to What To See, Read and Eat

This blog title was abbreviated from ‘A Guide to what to see in films, books to read for 2019 and restaurants to try if you haven’t already’ and so begins the suggestions:

What Films to See

If you are heading to the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 or simply adding films-to-see to your list, then I am going to offer up my top three for your consideration.

Georgetown: Here’s what you need to know – Christoph Waltz in his directorial debut as well as main character shares with us the story of a very ambitious military man who marries a much older socialite, played by Venessa Redgrave – and while everyone is pleased by his stature, the daughter of the socialite played by Annette Bening , is more than suspicious of his intentions.




Plus One: “Jack Quaid and Maya Erskine star in this sharp comedy—which is equal parts rom-com and buddy film—about a pair of college pals who, during a summer when they have a wedding to attend almost every weekend, team up to survive a series of tedious situations at the dreaded single-friends’ table.. “- source


Lost Transmission: Simon Pegg who I think is a fascinating actor, portrays a record producer suffering from mental illness and along his struggles he meets an aspiring songwriter. Just as her career takes off, his mental illness worsens.



What Books To Read

This list offers up 37 books to read in 2019 –But I am currently ready this lovely novel

What Restaurants To Try If you Haven’t Already

click on photo to reach your destination restaurant to try


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