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A Great Distraction – The iPhone 8

I am one of those waiting for the iPhone 8 – not because of the bells and whistles it is rumored to have but because the current phone I have is the 4s. You may laugh but it has been the best phone ever, from design to the ability to function in mint condition for several years. I hate parting with my phone, but under the circumstances, mainly the enhancements my lovely 4s can no longer handle, I need to evolve as well and just get a new phone to function at the speed of light (if you will) in today’s fast paced life we’ve not-so-willingly have fallen into. So, with less than a week-ish to the announcement and the ability to order, and then stand in long lines at the store to pick up said phone, I share with you rumor-or-not, some interesting details about the iPhone 8, and wonder if it is worth the small fortune – meaning to say, if I should just opt for the 7. What say you? ***and here’s …

my vision of an office space

I write often, mostly in-between work and play, and every other second I get to myself. I put everything that goes through my head on paper/or in this case on iPad, laptop or even cellphone. So, in my line of work (wishful thinking) there is no traditional office space, only inspirational spaces to call my office, maybe for an hour, or a day or a week. That’s how the creative juices flow – if you will. What’s your favorite spot to write?

St. Andrews – scotland – day 3

We left Edinburgh for a two day stay in St. Andrews, a proper college town, where Will and Kate  of England (you know the couple) met like any normal or typical college mates, turned sweethearts turned married couple with a child. Very simple indeed 🙂 Anyway, the small town or village, I have to say is cute, a worth see and if you are into golf, for sure an ideal place to visit, especially if you can stay at the Fairmont. We shopped, ate, participated in tea-time and shopped more, a dreary day it was, but it mattered not. The romance of the village  was well worth exploring.

plans for 2014: make it happen

January 17th already and I have to say, I have no idea what’s happened thus far. I do know however, that I’ve spent most of my days so far in meetings and social gatherings getting ideas, getting to know people and getting inspired, just in general. I have big plans for 2014 and I’ve realized in the past that if I set goals, I can actually achieve them and feel fulfilled at the end of the year, no matter how small the accomplishment. This year, I have some high expectations of myself in business and some fun plans for pleasure. Hopefully I can achieve all that I set out to do this year:

panoramic photography: boredom at its best?

Lately, I’ve sat around and waited it seems forever for people to arrive. Whether because I’m meeting them in a mall for coffee or lunch in  a park . So, outside of checking emails and Facebook and every other non-interesting online distraction, I switched my phone camera to panoramic setting and clicked a few photos, playing I suppose.  🙂

published author – now what?

2014 started out with me in a panicked mode, thinking very much about what I want to accomplish in the new year. Although the list is long and I am practically booked with many activities through June, I realize the most important accomplishment for me in the new year is to promote my first novel. There are lots to be done, marketing and advertising, connecting and networking. A book doesn’t become an overnight success by itself and I need to stay focused to make my dream come true. In the meantime, if you love e-books, then click Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, iBookstore, Gardners UK, and many more and consider my favorite novel 🙂 Piazza Navona. If you aren’t e-book savvy, then send me an email at so I can let you know when the paperback version would be available.  

union square san francisco – a holiday treat

This year, being that we are super busy on the weekends, we opted to do our annual traditional holiday dinner and shopping downtown on Monday night instead. So after work, we met up at Union Square and after a few cocktails and a wonderful dinner here, we shopped at Macy of course, then Bloomies, Saks Fifth Avenue, William Sonoma and then took a break with hot chocolate to enjoy Union Square. Thankfully the weather was nice and the ambiance as always unforgettable during this time of the year: