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chromed photography: san francisco

I needed to walk during my lunch hour yesterday to find a way to see the good in everything, considering the news of the book drama. So, without a plan, I ended up at the Yuerba Buena Gardens, behind the Moscone center in the city and good I saw, in pictures: {photos the property of}

photography by a blogger

These days there is no clear definition of great photography since anyone, and everyone dabbles in the hobby or not. As long as a photograph touches someone, or inspires them in some way and speaks volumes just by the image shot through a lens, it’s an effective piece of artwork, for sure at first glance. I’ve taken photoraphs since my father bought me my first camera at eleven, so I have always carried a camera with me wherever I went. Not so much since my iPhone (I know), but I haven’t stopped taking photographs no matter what. Here are some images I captured while walking about San Francisco’s SOMA district during my lunch hour. Eco-Friendly City

photojournaling my commute

I’ve been quiet, I know, for a couple of days. It’s not like me for sure, but you know there are days, when you just stand around waiting for the bus, over and over again, and think – Something needs to change. It’s time to make another change, an upgrade if you will to everything I do. A new wardrobe maybe, a remodel of some sort, a shift in blogging. Something. Something has to change. It’ll come to me, I know it. In the meantime, I snapped these wonderful images with my cell, playing around with the i-phone camera upgrade 🙂