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Lifestyle: What Are You Watching On Television?

When I started blogging – twelve years ago – wow! I didn’t know if it was best to keep a separate blog for my love of films and filmmaking and another for all other interests that I have. Since being new to the concept of blogging, I ended up launching several blogs across the internet and watched them take flight here, here, and here. Twelve years later, I have slowed down this blog to a crawl – because I don’t get the chance to red carpet premieres anymore like I did, nor attend film festivals every year. But nevertheless, I still maintain an entry here and there about some of my recent favorite shows and films or discuss upcoming projects I am excited about – minus all the reality (actually staged) TV shows. But today, I am interested in finding out what films you’ve seen or shows you’ve binge watched, if you care to share. Because, I keep feeling as if I have reached the end of all films, and have caught up to all …

reading recommends – book, nook and kindle

I can’t believe this. I have stayed away from reading recommends because I was trying to delay the inevitable. But more and more, people are switching over to the nook, kindle and every other gadget out there as their choice for reading  materials. I get the craze, but I am sad to see the paperbacks and hardbacks slowly disappear along with mom and pop bookstores.  It was nice to stop staring at a computer screen for a few hours and be able to curl up on a bed or a couch and read an actual “book” but these are the times and those are our choices and although I am having a difficult time accepting it, I know eventually I will become a minority with the way I feel about it. Anyway, here are some interesting books I discovered while shuffling through the gadget category. Let me know if you have read any of them and what you think or if you would consider reading any of them sometime in the near future.

recommended reads and e-books for springtime

I haven’t bought books for a while because I am toying with the idea of  “e-booking” – but only for the novels and nothing else (Just in case you are wondering – cookbooks, photography and travel books, collectables I still want in hardcover form). I don’t know, I am not sold on it yet, the e-booking thing, but either way I have made my list of books to read and recommend (above) for Springtime. I would love to hear from those who have read the above books or if they recommend others.

new years eve movie night

Just in case you have opted to stay home for New Years Eve this year and are tired of watching reruns or  reality shows on television, then consider renting some of the films I have listed below to keep you entertained. So, grab a bottle or two of champagne, pop some popcorn, turn up the fire, snuggle under a blanket with a loved one or not and enjoy a movie or two or three 🙂 1.  The Apartment (1960) 2. Breakfast At Tiffany (1961) 3. La Dolche Vita (1960) 4. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) 5. Holiday (1938) 6. High Society (1956)

ode to summer 2010

I usually get very restless and sad at the end of August because this is one part of the year I don’t really look forward to, transitioning into fall.  I think I have stated a dozen times before how much I appreciate warmer weather and worship the sun as a result of it and although we are just beginning “our summer” here in San Francisco, I still know it’s fall. The days are shorter, there is a certain crispiness to the morning air and the evenings are colder rather than cooler. So, in my own strange way of saying goodbye to summer 2010, I have included my favorite reminder of summer in a  classic and old fashioned kind of way.

mad men casting call – my personal challenge

I have included some photos of my preparation for the Mad Men Casting Call photo shoot, it was alot of fun and a great experience and although I don’t feel I am photogenic at all, we were able to take over 200 photos in order to vote for the best of the best.  So scroll down o see the best of the best and take a vote on which you think I should post on the AMC casting call for Mad Men site. 

finally a casting chance for me – as i shout from the rooftops

Out of sheer excitement, I decided this year I would partake in the online casting call for one of my favorite TV series, Mad Men on AMC.  I actually wanted to do this last year but didn’t have the time nor the guts to go through with it. But this year, when I saw the pamphlets and the window displays in every Banana Republic store I visited over the past few weeks, I was pumped up enough to go through with it. So last night I, in preparation for my own photo shoot,  scoped out the suits and blouses as well as shoes and jewelry from my mother’s closet which I feel would best suit me for the casting call challenge. I am excited and hope you would stay tuned as I detail my own personal challenge of “fitting into ”   the “THIS COULD BE YOU”  empty photo slot on the back of the casting call pamphlet.

books i added to my to-read list

Here is a list of books I saw at Barnes and Nobles which I added to my to-read list for 2010. 1. Good To A Fault by Marina Endicott 2. Purge by Sofi Oksanen 3. A Happy Marriage by Rafael Iglesias 4. Lonely: A Memoir by Emily White I would love to hear from anyone who has read any of the books. Are they a good read or not.