Month: November 2016

Cocktails For The Holidays 2016

Every year I make a mental note of a handful of newly created cocktails for the holidays to order  while out for some holiday gathering(s). From here  are my selections for 2016:

Take Note – How To Survive The Winter

I do live in San Francisco, and some days in the winter it dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I know this all sounds funny for those of you struggling with worst weather conditions. But any cold or dreary weather does take its toll on anyone anywhere. So…this article caught my eye the other day and I thought why not share some of the suggestions offered -that I love – on how to survive the frigid winter season:  

More Gift Ideas For Him

I love shopping with the hubs. He is really good at it. Meaning to say, he is patient enough to walk through the stores and while I check out items for myself – he disappears to the men’s section. I think what I also love is seeing his face light up when he wants to show me what he’s found – providing that I approve 🙂 naturally. So, the fact we share the same taste in clothes – I laugh – I think this year it will be easy to shop for him. Kinda like most years. Anyway, here it is: Considering he looks amazing in a hat of any sort, and scarf just because, I picked from here The sweaters had to come from his favorite store here: Colognes I go here Jeans and more jeans – from here: And my favorite – boots – ankle and all – from here:

Travel: Winter Season and All

I realized this past October while in Europe – that there is no off-season to travelling. People travel throughout the year – with their kids and without. I often wonder about the ones that do travel with kids during school season. But to each his/her own. Anyway, just in case you are considering a getaway this winter season – here are some suggestions: And last, the featured image suggests there are 17 Most Romantic Winter Destinations in the US – to get a glimpse click here

Sunday Morning Conversations – Vol. 1

I love a slow start to Sundays. You know, the easy roll out of bed, a full on breakfast, and home brewed coffee. A conversation with your partner in life about the to-do list, which all of a sudden you find yourself not caring so much about. 🙂 opting to go for a long walk instead – when the weather is permitting of course otherwise lounging on a couch by the fireplace.  And there you discuss what you’ve found online over the course of the week, which had sparked an interest or two in you – and see his/her reaction and feedback. Kind of like this: