Month: November 2016

Travel: For the Solo At Heart

As you may know that I travel very often – and most of the time I do it with someone. Whether the hubs, or friends or a group I’ve put together – I am never alone. This past trip – in October – which I have yet to share with all of you but couldn’t because  upon my return, there was an air to the nation, a sort of daunting pre-election jitters, compounded by the results and the aftermath, and just as the dust is settling (hopefully-perhaps I am out of touch) we jump right into the holiday season – Thanksgiving and all the planning that goes with it. So, until I can share with you all of the wonderful discoveries I made on this trip. I have been reading articles about travelling every chance I get. You see, while on the plane back to San Francisco, I found myself toying with the idea of travelling alone – at least once, and this article seems to be encouraging me along:

Thanksgiving Part II – Desserts In Gluten-free form

In keeping up with my gluten-free menu this year, I have made my selection for thanksgiving desserts from here.  And frankly, the choices are a refreshing alternative to the usual pumpkin pie and such that’s been served in our household year in and year out.  Here are my picks for Thanksgiving 2016:

Thanksgiving Menu not too Soon I assure You

Hopefully we’ve bounced back a little – and can actually begin to think about the holidays ahead. I mean on Friday I sent out the general company holiday party invite to the San Francisco division – mind you scheduled for mid-January. But it was me doing my part to getting the staff to veer from their anger to more happy thoughts. Then of course I did a little shopping with a friend for holiday decor ideas and now I am putting the menu together right here this entire week – which has to include side dishes for the gluten intolerant guests,  and those watching every bite they consume while everything tasting delicious of course. So, here we go. Today is side dishes: {featured image is wild rice chantarelles salad}

Gauging Our Emotions…Sigh

This past year the American people have been in a tough place – divided, silent, out-spoken, overly passionate, and downright scared of the unknown even while hopeful that the people who make up this nation would do the right thing – whatever that may be – come election day.    We heard the media, streamed twitter, and watched friend go against friend, family against family, people threatening anyone who is even thinking about going against voting for their choice of candidate – all of it pre-election. It’s been very difficult for me to stomach to say the least and certainly unable to tap into my creative side and maintain a blog based around all things happy and positive. Since the election and the outcome, I am so sad to see how the very folk hating everything the newly elected president stands for, behaving as such on social media, and everywhere else across America. Bullying, name calling, threatening, ‘de-friending’, accusing, denouncing anyone that has gone against what they stand for and believe in. What makes any …

It’s All Up To Us…

I was fortunate enough to disappear from the US for about three weeks in October. And I say that only because I knew the emotional state I was in required for me to step away from all that is going on here – first hand, in terms of the impending election. Never mind the police shootings, clowns, and all other natural and unnatural disasters plaguing our nation. The time I spent in Europe was enough to help me compartmentalized all things causing the worst stress I have experience  in my entire lifetime.  I had a heavy workload on top of it all through the summer – covering for co-workers moving across the globe and such. I was doing fine, until I read a New York Times article someone sent me via Facebook titled Donald Trump Voters Just Hear Me Out – detailing the million and one reasons why we need to vote NOT for Trump. You see I’ve been keeping my opinions about the matter to myself and perhaps that is the reason I haven’t really …