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Thanksgiving Menu not too Soon I assure You

Hopefully we’ve bounced back a little – and can actually begin to think about the holidays ahead. I mean on Friday I sent out the general company holiday party invite to the San Francisco division – mind you scheduled for mid-January. But it was me doing my part to getting the staff to veer from their anger to more happy thoughts. Then of course I did a little shopping with a friend for holiday decor ideas and now I am putting the menu together right here this entire week – which has to include side dishes for the gluten intolerant guests,  and those watching every bite they consume while everything tasting delicious of course.

So, here we go. Today is side dishes:


roasted stuffed acorn squash – click on image for recipe


the most challenging sometimes is Gluten free – while dairy free – which I am glad to have discovered here for my all-time favorite dish


Ratatouille is a suggestion I usually make in my household but never considered it for a Thanksgiving side dish – because the next day I can dice up the turkey and mix it in with penne pasta and have a wonderful new dish


and of course my favorite brussel sprouts – gluten-free – and so tasty everyone can enjoy

{featured image is wild rice chantarelles salad}

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