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Fig Actually…

I love figs and considering it is the season, I wanted to share some beautiful fig inspired images to create a Sunday afternoon fig party, even if only for one…like me. {content images source} {featured image source and recipe} {cooking with figs}

Here’s Making It Easier for You This Holiday Season

So much is going on right about now, mostly you thinking what to bake, what to pack, which dessert should you volunteer for and oh that outfit – everything for a number of holiday events you and your loved ones will partake in less than 10 days. If we’re really counting – it’s 8 days. Eight days remaining to the world’s biggest celebration – well perhaps outside of New Years.  Here’s what I’m suggesting:

Alcoholic Beverages to Consider This Holiday Season or Whenever

I seldom look over the cocktail menu at a bar, unless I am wondering what sort of wine they serve that’s on the happy hour list. Otherwise I usually stick to my norm – lemon drop, Gimlet, or any citrusy variation mixed with vodka. But naturally there is a list to help guide women to order healthy in terms of alcoholic drinks. Check out what they suggest:  

Travel: California Wineries

In my opinion, February and October are the best months for the wineries in California – in terms of the beautiful photo opps.  February, thanks to the yellow mustard plants covering entire fields – the color contrast most welcoming against the bare blackened vines. October is harvest season, when the grapes are robust and deep variations of purple, and maroon, some even tranquil shades of green – intertwined with the changing Autumn colors of the leaves. So, naturally you have to plan a trip to California to see unique and some of the  most beautiful wineries: Sunstone Winery

Food: A Treat for New Years Eve With A Side of Bubbly

Why is it I consider New Years Eve to be a sexy celebration. Perhaps all the glitter, sparkle and bubbly. 🙂 Or just the fact, it is a prelude to a new beginning.  Ponder, ponder. So while I prep the Hors d’oeuvre and pick out the best of champagnes, and the extras to bring in the new year at my home, I can’t help fall in-love with this recipe. Which by the way suits the theme I am going for this year, naturally….paired with champagne:

seven cocktails for the sophisticated woman according to elle decor

I do go out with friends or co-workers here and there, and what I find frustrating is when the bartender asks “what will you have?’ Because I freeze up, even though I know what my preferred drink is at that particular bar or restaurant.  Yes, I know which bar/restaurant specialize in what drink the best. Anyway, just in case you experience the same drama, Elle Decor has a list to consider, check it out here: {photo and article credit, click here}

day 7 – french riviera in a nutshell

I always make a pit stop in the French Riviera, particularly Cannes and spend about 3 nights at the least in a part of the world I would like to retire to someday. Usually or in the past, the weather had cooperated in early September, my annual visit to the region and I normally left for Paris on the TGV with a wonderful tan. Not so much this year. Although sunny, it’s been unusually cold and windy or perhaps usual from the locals point of view. I just have never experienced it. What I also found interesting is that this is actually the first time, there was only a handful of people at the beach. I know it was because of the weather, but still, it all seemed unreal. I did my touring, shopping, sunbathing a little, wonderful dining and a stroll along the promenade – even though I was freezing my buns off – it mattered not – I was in the French Riviera for only three days.