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Mother’s Day Brunch At Home Or In The Garden

Before this year’s restrictions on social gatherings – my mother preferred a family dinner at home instead of the going out. So the day would start with me buying an abundance of a flowers from the flower market and arranging them in different vases and placing them throughout her house.  Breakfast would consist of her favorite, crepes simply enjoyed with a dash of sugar and cinnamon, and some tea. Then for dinner, I’d make her favorite pasta dish, or roast, or chicken fajita – based on what she is craving. No gifts, just a classic film we’d watch together over dessert – a slice of lemon cake or ice cream, if our weather permits. So, this year is no different – at least in our household – where I will spend the day just like the years before.  And since we are all on a necessary lockdown, consider a brunch, maybe in the garden, where the family gets all dressed up, and use the finest china and silverware, and offer up mom a wonderful family …

Fashion: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Or Just For You

You know when you find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe while really shopping for a gift – in this case for mother’s day. Or How to revamp your mother’s weekend wardrobe – past the sweatpants and T-shirt.  🙂 THIS BLOUSE   THESE PANTS, THAT LOOK, AND THE FASHIONABLE SWEATER THE BACKPACK   FLATS AND MORE FLATS      

Travel: Quick Getaways No Matter Where You Are In the World

My friends who live in the UK have decided to go to Italy for a few days, over the Thanksgiving holiday. I found this news amusing, only because while we, in the continental U.S. plan for family get-together across the country for Thanksgiving, she and her husband plan to do a weekend getaway. And then I realized, all the Americans living abroad, or calling a part of the world their temporary home, whether for work or school or just because, there are wonderful opportunities to plan a quick getaway and see…

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts – 2017

Although I am a firm believer that we all need to show appreciation for our moms throughout the year, I am willing to play along with the special day set aside to honor the most important person in our lives. With that said, I often consider gifts that are specifically for her, meaning to say, not something for the kitchen, unless she has specifically hinted that’s what she wants. This year’s gift ideas I keep tossing around in my head are from here and here: