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Five Interesting Articles From Around The Internet

We’ve had a couple of very hot days around San Francisco, to the point it was stifling. San Franciscans are never happy with our climate – too cold, too hot, too foggy, too windy. But it is what it is – global warming or not, we have seen the same pattern year in and year out. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in global warming or are not concerned with all the issues surfacing across the globe, I am simply stating around this part of the world, we have grown accustom to the seasons. Today, after finishing up a conference call, working from home, since my beautiful dog isn’t feeling his best. Hasn’t really for a while, I realize I needed a distraction or two and what better way then to focus on some not front-page topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this blog entry}

Afternoon tea in London – On My Bucket List

Sure, I’ve done tea in the countryside in England, but never one in London. Not sure why that is, but I bet it’s the need to run around and see every tourist sight in the two-day stay I normally schedule for this fair city. Anyway, next Spring I will be going to just outside London to visit with a friend and I have already told her to pencil us in for a few tea rooms from this list:

Fashion or Travel: Comfortable Walking Shoes

For some of you the travel season is over, while for others who appreciate traveling off-season, it’s just beginning.  Now, I’ve always packed 3 pairs of shoes when travelling. A pair of flats to be worn for more formal occasions, a pair of good tennis shoes or walking shoes, and a sandals. That’s how I travel. And this article in Smarter Travel shares with us a list of the best shoes to invest in while travelling or otherwise. I mean I do also play tourist in San Francisco and the greater bay area. Check out my picks and then theirs: