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Food: How To Dice and Slice And Clean

My mother marvels at my style of cooking, cutting and even baking. To put it bluntly, she doesn’t understand why I do the things I do. So we talk about it of course, while I nearly slice my finger off, from all the stress of her scrutinizing my technique. But you know what? At least I’ll have many fond-ish memories of this time together in the kitchen. I need to stop and explain here for  second.  Cooking in our culture is a ritual, and each recipe is managed in the most artistic of ways to create a meal – where my mother, her mother and I’m sure her mother before – would remind the impatient generations afterwards that  ‘a woman must cook with her meal’ – which I never agreed with as a young child or a teenager. But now I get it. Although, I still prefer quick methods and easy recipes to follow.  BUT! since we are on lock down and I’ve chosen to revisit or refresh all of our cultural recipes during this …

November Floral Arrangement 101

Those who tell you they don’t love a great floral arrangement are ones that are fibbing. Floral arrangements, no matter the occasion, bring the kind of joy that is unsurpassed. So if you need a tip or two on how to create that special or unique bouquet of flowers for the holidays – or just for the Fall season, then here are some tips to pass on as well as share with you some of my favorite arrangements:   Happiest of birthday MOM – You are truly a gem like no other and the most stable part of my life. I love you

The Thing About Mothers and Daughters

The older I get, the more I understand where my mother is coming from – when doing and saying the things that she did and does. Although I raise my eyebrow on occasion, okay, okay, on more than one occasion, I realize after a heated discussion or a disagreement that she is mostly or absolutely right in her assessment or observation or prediction of all things pertaining to my well-being. Some of you may not agree – and that’s fine. But I think my conclusion is that, it also depends on the type of relationship one has with her mother. In my case, I am very close to her and do tell her everything, and even when her first reaction is to be very critical, she means well, and this is something I perfected over the years – our efforts to have clear and open communication. This is what I have to say and here is what they say:

Why Some Things I Adore

Occasionally I get a little nostalgic about the silliest things. Like a place I’d been, the people I’ve spent time with, my childhood, their childhood, first day of school, last day of school and then the day my family decided to immigrate. Even a simple picnic on the beaches of the French Riviera has me longing. Especially more, when I come across beautiful photographs like these: You get the picture of what I mean. So if you are up to it. I’d love to hear what makes you nostalgic. {featured image source}

So Many Things Go Through My Mind On A Daily Basis

I always wonder if this has been the case forever, where on a daily basis so many things go through our minds. I want to believe that life was truly much simpler in the past,  and definitely before the social media craze. I mean yes we did have concerns and worries, but I don’t think the way we obsessed about them was as bad as it is now – when every day we thumb through our phones at least six or more times, in search of answers, all of which contradict one another – us hoping to relate to an article that will set us straight and perhaps help us achieve to become the best person we can – even if some of the suggestions are crazy ridiculous and we know it. The other day, I was pushing my cart in a grocery store, while my mind was on a thousand other things,  thinking…and then I heard “excuse you b****,” a man’s voice shouting in my direction when apparently I crossed his path. Which isn’t …

best advise from my mother

My mother is by far the most influential person in my life,I know this more and more everyday as I grow and become wiser in all I try to do. Although sometimes my head is still in the clouds and my focus seen through rainbow-colored glasses. Always reaching for what others may perceive as impossible or unobtainable. On occasion, I still need my mother, running to her as if I were still ten, needing her to comfort me, grounding me, putting at ease all my worries and insecurities. She’s an amazing woman, my rock, my angel, her words ringing in my ears, always: