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best advise from my mother

My mother is by far the most influential person in my life,I know this more and more everyday as I grow and become wiser in all I try to do. Although sometimes my head is still in the clouds and my focus seen through rainbow-colored glasses. Always reaching for what others may perceive as impossible or unobtainable. On occasion, I still need my mother, running to her as if I were still ten, needing her to comfort me, grounding me, putting at ease all my worries and insecurities. She’s an amazing woman, my rock, my angel, her words ringing in my ears, always:  

happy moments and proud parents

I had forgotten how important a child’s graduation is to parents, until of course, I received am email invite a while back to attend one this coming weekend.  So, I am excited to report that I am off to catch a flight  across the country, so that I can  attend the college graduation ceremony for two of my favorite people in the world. Congrats to you both. My dears, your hard work has truly paid off and you have made your parents very proud. 🙂 Have a truly nice weekend everyone!!!