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Saturday Film Night

On a twelve hour flight – as one might know – you either read for a few hours and fall asleep or watch television and nap in between the boring scenes or credits.  I managed to do all of it of course – but  actually was amazed at the selection of films I liked enough to recommend – just in case you have a planned movie night with your significant other.    

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 10

There are more interesting or eyebrow raising finds online than I am able to keep up with, and some I take to heart while I read them and others, I simply share with all of you, just to brighten up your day. In this case – your Friday. So, without much delay here are this weeks finds: 1. What an Australian trainer eats in a day to maintain that perfect body we all seem to crave. 2. The Royal Family is apparently looking to hire a new staff. Should I send over my CV? 3. For those architectural buffs and admirers of classic Hollywood homes, here’s Cecile B. DeMille’s home Angelina Jolie has set her eyes on for her family of 7. 4. Do you snore? If so then you might want to consider NORA to help ease the tension in the bedroom. 5. What is it really the airline crew searching for when they greet you at the door. Do you ever wonder? 6. How to do breakfast like the French, I’ve adapted for …

Interesting Finds Online – Vol 6

I’ve sort of lagged off on this topic for the sake of other variations of putting all similar topics into one entry  rather than a mix-match of topics. But then I realized since our brains are now programmed to wander off here and there clicking on links to read this and that, I should revisit my interesting finds online. Vol 6 goes something like this: 1. Ten products that promises to transform your hair, nails and skin while you sleep! 2. I don’t know about you, but I do admire Jennifer Aniston the most from her generation of actors who managed to set a standard for the rest of us to follow, in terms of looking and feeling this good. {photo source} 3. Five low-maintenance house plants is something I came across just in time, needing to refresh my studio apartment potted plants. 4. Here’s a suggestion for 20 lunches you can make over the weekend – although I do worry about how long freshly cut vegetables will last – but I am going to …

Fashion: Prints and One Solid

I can’t get over the possibilities for when on vacation of the most comfortable, sensual, and yet playful dresses – something we can’t wear in San Francisco during our summers (cold and foggy) But sure can in September and October when we get our Indian Summer. Here’s my pick for this week:

Is It Bad To Compare Amal Clooney to Jackie Onassis – in fashion that is

I don’t know about you but the first glimpse of George Clooney’s then girlfriend, Amal, and all I could think about was how much she resembled Jackie Onassis.  A modern day version of course.   Same sort of flair I think, and I am seeing more and more each day why George has fallen in love with this mediterranean beauty and brains. Lucky for some of us,  Bazaar has posted some of Amal’s most stylish looks, which naturally I love. Take a look and let me know what you think?

fashion: I have to admit i kind of love this

I haven’t been able to shake off the French Riviera, mostly the fashion statement each and every woman makes there. More particularly in Cannes, Monaco and St. Tropez. The sad thing is, we cannot duplicate such fashion here in San Francisco.  The interesting pieces are more welcomed in  Los Angeles, Florida, and possibly New York. But not here. Although I do wonder how it would be if one SUNNY day I venture out into the street wearing one of Moschino’s latest collection,  or maybe I simply have to move to the French Riviera.  

fashion: sarah jessica parker shoes at bloomingdale’s

Naturally, Sarah Jessica Parker and shoes go hand in hand, or shall I say, foot in foot (sorry couldn’t resist). So Bloomy’s has paired up with the fashionista who I admire greatly in style and acting, and they have introduced SJP shoes. Here’s a glimpse. {photo source and credit}

french riviera: cannes film festival and gran prix monaco in a nutshell

I never realized juggling two major events on vacation would be so challenging and yet so much fun. I also don’t understand why the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Gran Prix were running at the same time or maybe it’s better I don’t understand these things. Anyway, we arrived in Nice for Cannes late on a flight from Madrid, past midnight to be exact and since I had a chauffeur pick up arranged for us, I wasn’t worried. Now before you pass judgment about chauffeurs and all, I had no other choice at the hour our flight landed, and public transport getting us to Cannes from Nice airport was not an option. The following morning, I got ready very early, and headed out to the film festival/tourist information office to get myself organized to see as many films as possible in the days I alloted for this portion  of the trip. My travel partner however was antsy to see the Monaco gran prix and was busy organizing that bit of the trip, pushing my …