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Saturday Film Night

On a twelve hour flight – as one might know – you either read for a few hours and fall asleep or watch television and nap in between the boring scenes or credits.  I managed to do all of it of course – but  actually was amazed at the selection of films I liked enough to recommend – just in case you have a planned movie night with your significant other.


Darkest Hour **** – for the history buff

Den of Thieves *** Action-Thriller

Downsizing **** For the environmentalist or just because

The Phantom Thread ***** – for the fashion lovers or designer at heart

Game Night ****  for the need to laugh so hard

Goodbye Christopher Robin ****  Tapping into childhood in a good and sad way

Kingsman: The Golden Circle *  Avoid it at all cost unless you need a dose of GCI

Murder on The Orient Express *****  A fine period film – a must see for any generation


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