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Film Locations Travel Destination

I took a film history class while in college, mostly to fulfill the electives portion of my degree program.  The course outline was to introduce the students to film making from the very beginning – from the Lumiere brothers short films made in Paris in 1895 onward.  On the first day of class, the professor gave us a one question quiz  – why do we go see films? My answer, along with everyone else in the classroom was – mostly to escape. Which apparently was not the correct answer, and so she went on to explain the many reasons  otherwise. The funny thing is no one in the classroom accepted her list and even to this day, I firmly believe that most folks go see a film to escape. So, if you think like me – then here’s a list of travel destinations to check out – where some of the best of films were made: {Salzburg photo source} {photo source for Cortona, Italy} {photo source for Nuuk, Greenland}   {Scotland photo source} {featured photo …

travel destination: Vietnam, Sơn Đoòng

I am always following travel, learning about new destinations, untapped territory, and whatever organic  destination someone discovers. So, here is one about Vietnam, and the fascinating cave with its own climate, jungle and river which runs through it. A travel destination for those who seek adventure. In all reality, we’ve all seen an underworld in movies. But I never imagined for it to exist.

mental therapy: stop and smell the roses

I am not sure if many of you are familiar with the term ‘stop and smell the roses” well if not, just to give you a background. In the US we have alot of sayings to feed the soul but sometimes we forget to practice what we preach. So, after a week of torment and undo stress, I decided last night, even though the weather is the worst in San francisco right now, to take a walk through my favorite neighborhood (Seacliff) and smell the flowers along the way, just to give myself the long overdue mental therapy I so very much deserved. I must say it worked and when I got home and retired for the night, I actually fell asleep and stayed asleep through the entire night. Find something to escape to even if only for a few minutes out of your busy life. I highly recommend it.

pacific heights – san francisco – an architectural marvel

San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful travel destinations I can recommend. But of course you all already know that, right? What I truly appreciate the most about my city is the fact, that even though it is comparatively small to most other metropolitan cities, the hills more than make up for the size and of course the fact, within walking distance or (a Muni ride) away, you can experience different cultures within each district (or neighborhood), making it actually and suggestively  a huge city. My choice of exploring any city is of course walking and one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore, not only because of the challenging hills, which give me a great work out, but also the architectural marvel for my visual therapy away from the 9×11 computer screen. Now, I have included some street signage for you, amazing tourists from around the world and neighboring states and Southern Cal  as a guide, so that when you are visiting the city, you can chart your walking tour based on the …

golden globe 2011 – my predictions

Every year I take great pride in partaking in the Golden Globe Awards by attending some of the functions as well as predicting the winners. This year is no exception of course, so I have made a list of my predictions from the films and actors nominated for the Golden Globe Award 2011. For a detailed film reviews click here or  bookmark  my entertainment blog – GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEES 2011 & MY PREDICTIONS Best Motion Picture, Drama **Black Swan – Golden Globe choice The Fighter Inception The King’s Speech **The Social Network – My choice Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical Alice in Wonderland Burlesque **The Kids Are All Right – My choice & GG choice Red The Tourist Best Director – Motion Picture **Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan –  Golden Globe choice David Fincher – The Social Network Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech **Christopher Nolan – Inception  – My Choice David O. Russell – The Fighter Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama **Jesse Eisenberg –  The Social Network – My 2nd choice …