Month: May 2011

best books written about paris or are they?

In reviewing the Guardian UK the other day, I came across an article with their list of top 10 books written about Paris. Of course, you know that immediately grabbed my interest, so I decided to share their suggestions in my blog and ask my readers for their opinion. Are the suggested books the best books written about Paris? Has anyone read any of the books and what you thought about it? if the listed books are truly not the best, please feel free to make a recommendation.

travel recommend: cinque terre, italy

This weekend marks the beginning of my official travel recommends.  As I stated before I get the travel itch sometime in March, but it doesn’t really flare up until about mid May when I discover my circle of acquaintances are planning their trips. In light of the fact, my first recommend is what is known as Cinque Terre in Italy. Located along the western coats of Italy, this area consists of five small villages which literally cling to the Ligurian cliffs. The villages are small  and close enough that you can actually walk from own village to the next within a matter of hours. The first time I discovered the area was actually when I coordinated travel plans for college students. I heard a group of them talking about buying a railpass and finding their way to the area.  That same year, I decided to take a trip to Italy and after locating Cinque Terre on the map, I chartered my course on how to incorporate Cinque Terre into my trip. To make it easier …

the inspiration of window seats in decor

I don’t know what it is about window seats, but I love them. I suppose it is because I love to write and read and window seats are not only ideal for both hobbies, but they can be inspirational as well. For example, my favorite of course is the featured photo (above) but then again, I wouldn’t mind the rest below this section:

healthy cooking: greek pasta

Although I have my own rolodex of recipes I follow and some I learn as I watch my mother cook, I often times borrow recipes from some of my favorite bloggers. Here’s one I absolutely love and of course found here. But just in case you don’t really want to click away from my blog, I have detailed the recipe below for you to consider trying. Greek Pasta: Recipe and photos by For the Love of 2 tbsp toasted pine nuts Angel hair pasta, cooked per instructions 1 tbsp olive oil 1/4 small red onion, diced Handful of grape tomatoes 1/4 tsp oregano 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes Sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, to taste 3 cloves of garlic, minced Handful of kalamata olives, halved 1/2 cup of chicken broth 1 cup of baby spinach Feta cheese Toast the pine nuts in a DRY skillet over medium heat for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown. Set aside. Cook the pasta per instructions. While the pasta is cooking, heat the olive oil in …

modern vintage apartment decor

The amount of time I spend flipping through magazines and online sites for home decorating ideas, you would think I was an interior designer. But no, I am simply an admirer and extreme follower of the trade. The most appealing aspect of interior decor that I discovered is,  most anything is doable, if the pieces create a livable space. Unusual is fine, colors are great and mix and match is always the in thing.  That is at least from where I am sitting :). So, you won’t be shocked if I admitted to the fact, I am a fan of modern vintage decor and here are some photos of my favorite living room, which I found here

shopping at bloomingales on a cold spring day

I needed a little pick me up this past weekend and since the weather wasn’t giving me any inspiration to be outdoors, because it was unusually cold, I let my fingers do the walking through the Bloomingale’s online catalog. I found a few pieces which immediately put a smile on my face and although not all of them are designed for this woman over 40, I still appreciate their originally and sex appeal. DianeVonFurstenberg: 1)Damiana top 265. 2)Small cat eyes shades 145. 3)Joss Wrap 165. 4)Priam Hooded cover 265. 5)Flama Runway Wrap sandals 280. 6)Bonnie Retro Swimwear top 155, bottom 140.

boutique hotel pick – four seasons – florence, italy

One city I plan to include in my fall trip to Italy this year, is of course Florence. Although I have been there many times, it seems I can never get enough of this fascinating destination. Outside of the fact the city’s architectural and artistic makeup, it is to me one of the most romantic places to consider spending with a loved one. Now, although there are many hotel options to choose from while vacationing in Florence, my favorite recommend is the Palazzo della Gherardesca. Currently known as The Four Seasons Hotel here. Apparently the hotel is the first of it’s kind for Florence. It is a resort with a pool, a spa and various other amenities too many to list here. However, please click here to read about how the hotel came to be. Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend.

outdoor sitting french style

This is going to be my first summer without a backyard. After selling our house in the country, we traded in a grand backyard with a pool and garden for a view of the Pacific Ocean. Not a bad trade off. But I vowed I would not write about outdoor spaces, patio furniture or backyard get togethers until I worked the entire experience out of my system. But knowing me and the need to talk outdoors, I had to include some of my favorite photos of French country backyards and furniture.

mediterranean diet staple foods bring a smile to my face

My background is from a semi-mediterranean culture.  I say this because we share the same recipes and cultural views. The reason I smiled when I saw the article here, is because when I first immigrated to the U.S., my Mother prepared my lunch for school. She often times included an eggplant sandwich, Hummus and pita bread, falafal and other things which the America kids at school made fun of at the time.  Now, Mediterranean food is much appreciated and considered fine cuisine around the metropolitan cities throughout the states and those kids who made fun of my lunch are now frequent diners at mediterranean eateries. Funny thing isn’t it? Anyway, according to the article the following are the staple of Mediterranean diet and one we may want to consider when eating or trying to eat healthy.