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fashion sense: a peek at spring wear

I love pencil skirts and am glad to see colors are back, because here are some of my favorite pieces  I want to duplicate this season. 1. Moschino cheap and chic embellished chiffon and crepe top 595USD 2. Gucci cotton blend twill pencil skirt 535USD 3. Etro stretch silk satin top 480USD 4. Malene Birger stretch crepe pencil skirt 285USD 5. Tory Burch Clayton embellished silk crepe de chine top 395USD 6. Jonathan Saunders Shannon wool crepe skirt 805USD 7. JCrew polka dot silk twil top 198USD 8. Emilio Pucci stretch crepe pencil skirt 694USD 9. DKNY silk crepe and chiffon top 195USD 10.Giambattista Valli tweed pencil skirt 1150USD 11.Miu Miu embellished cady top 1495USD 12. Roland Mouret Yama cotton pique pencil skirt 849USD

cold weather blues

I never thought I would say this, but since we’ve had freezing temperatures throughout most of California, I have literally shut down in more ways than I imagined could be possible.  The strange thing about this weather, which is holding steady at 34ish in the city and 28 or less in the suburbs, is that people actually hibernate and that makes for a dreary day, almost every day this week. What’s happened to everyone? There was a point during my lunch hour on Monday and Tuesday, that I walked through Union Square and was able to count the number of people in the streets and as for the retail shops, the sales clerks outnumbered the cliental in most any store I walked through. This is a hard thing to see right after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.   The worst about this weather is that all I  crave for is comfort food and find it difficult to stay focused on my brand new eating plan.  In addition to the food cravings, it seems I have also lost my creativity …

being pleasantly side tracked

I got online to shop for a cocktail dress, which I need for a company party  I am hosting at the end of the month but  instead got pleasantly sidetracked by pillows from here.  And just in case you’re wondering why the candle is there, I fell in love with that as well and felt all of my selections complimented one another perfectly. Oh and about the dress, well I’ll leave the weekend for that.  🙂 Have an amazing weekend everyone. Left Top: John Robshaw Gents striped Pillow Right Top: Bond no9 Amber NY Candle Right Bottom: Missoni Nossen Zigzag pillow Left Bottom: John Robshaw Stitched Flange European Pillow/Sham

safeguarding our children in light of sandy hook

Not since 911 have I stayed glued to the television set for hours on end, while I try to work through mostly the why’s of what has happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Could this have been prevented is one question that  kept me up most of the night and what can we do to ease the pain of the families and the community of Newton, Connecticut was another. I suppose it’s too soon to fathom the reasons behind why any human being would want to hurt another, let alone children, but I guess no matter what their reasonings are, it isn’t good enough for me. I tossed around the idea of  not voicing my thoughts about this traumatic event which occurred  11 days before Christmas, but the fact, I am at the moment consumed with pain and anger, I felt I needed to let it out. There is no doubt the nation will not heal from all this, slowly and eventually, but for now, we have to stop what we are doing and  unite so we …

photography: night views of san francisco

I dont’ think I’ve voiced enough lately how much I love the city I live in. San Francisco is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, providing there is no fog of course. So, I was glad when I found these photos here and posted them on my blog for not only my viewing pleasure, but yours as well. Enjoy 🙂