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safeguarding our children in light of sandy hook


Not since 911 have I stayed glued to the television set for hours on end, while I try to work through mostly the why’s of what has happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Could this have been prevented is one question that  kept me up most of the night and what can we do to ease the pain of the families and the community of Newton, Connecticut was another.

I suppose it’s too soon to fathom the reasons behind why any human being would want to hurt another, let alone children, but I guess no matter what their reasonings are, it isn’t good enough for me.

I tossed around the idea of  not voicing my thoughts about this traumatic event which occurred  11 days before Christmas, but the fact, I am at the moment consumed with pain and anger, I felt I needed to let it out.

There is no doubt the nation will not heal from all this, slowly and eventually, but for now, we have to stop what we are doing and  unite so we can think of ways to safeguard  our children while they are away from our care and protection.

Meanwhile, I hope that every school in the nation would take the time to reach out to the entire community of Newton Connecticut and send their  heartfelt condolences to those families who lost their precious and innocent loved ones.


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