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christmas time in paris – healing process

Everyone has a different way of coping and healing. While some go into major depression and withdraw, others, yell and shout to release anger and frustration. This entire weekend,  being devastated by the events which occurred in Newtown Connecticut, I somewhat shut down. Naturally of course, otherwise I couldn’t consider myself human.

I couldn’t find inspiration anywhere. Not the malls, not at home, not watching old classics. But  then I realized, after watching the memorial service on Sunday night, I needed to find a way to heal myself, not because I was being selfish, but because I needed to be okay for my family.

I started weeding through what made me happy and decided that every time I felt anguish to list a few things that made me feel enlightened and even focused to start the healing process.  I reached out to loved ones and shared a few laughs, I discussed the final draft of my book with my dear mother, I held my dog for comfort and finally I searched for photographs of Christmas time in Paris.

179-15_cmj-a 479_notre-dame-at-night-during-christmas IMGP6880 7541509


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