Month: February 2015

being tucked away writing

This is me for the last few days, tucked away writing. It’s my therapy, the state of calmness in my world of chaos. I’ll be back next week. I promise. {photo source click here}

boutique hotel – st. james hotel – paris, france

This is the time of the year I crave Paris, and no matter what I do to not think about it, it just comes to me, beckoning me to take a trip. With this desire, I begin searching for hotels just to be prepared, in case my travel partner gives the okay to go. Since I try a different one each year, the ST. James Hotel is my hotel of choice for this year. I’ve passed by it many times, and have added it to my list way back in 2012. As usual the château style is what attracted me to the building, and I realized it was a hotel, when I took a closer look. I think I fell in love with it even more when I stumbled upon this article. Definitely it will be the place I stay, when I go this year. Keeping my fingers crossed. {Photo source from here and here}

wedding season is upon us and i’m involved this year

Yes, I was asked a few weeks ago to help plan a wedding. This is my fourth in 2 years. I used to average about 10 a year. I’ve scaled back since. But there are those few special people in my life, I cannot say no to, and so the planning has begun once more. Over the weekend, we spend, dress/gown shopping, and checking out the venue for what appears to be a destination wedding. I figured anytime you travel two hours away from where you live, it’s a destination wedding.  In this case, it’s hoped to be in Monterey, California. I say hoped, because until you lock in a date, and make the deposit, it’s hoped. So, stay tuned for those of you interested in wedding planning, or weddings in general, as I fill you in on the details here and there. {photo source click here – Valentino Haute Couture white collection}

healthy eating: Spaghetti with Kale

I have a weakness for spaghetti, and have pretty much mastered a recipe making the typical version by using organic tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, and chicken sausage, and fresh basil leaves. The pasta can be any style. I use spaghetti pasta. Anyway, The other day, I came across this recipe online and want to try it. It’s Spaghetti with braised kale.  The only thing missing is the lemon essence, which can be added to the final sauce saute. Click on photo to be redirected to the recipe: {photo source click here}